Use The Login Optin™ Strategy With Your Free Course

The Login Optin™ Strategy is simple: you offer a free course inside your membership site in exchange for an email opt-in. From there, your free members can see your paid offerings and easily decide to upgrade or buy your other courses.


The Login Optin™ Strategy Is Easy With AccessAlly and PopupAlly Pro:

Since you have both plugins, all you need to do is follow the steps below to set up your Login Optin™.

How The Login Optin™ Strategy Works To Increase Visibility and An Organic Upsell To Your Membership Site

The Login Optin™ pairs list building strategy with organic cross-selling design.

First, the “free” subscriber becomes intrigued with the display of your other courses. Since they're coming back repeatedly to your membership site to access their free course, the curiosity builds over time.

Finally, they'll be curious and click on one of your paid courses… and are automatically redirected to its sales page, where they can read in detail what you're offering (thanks to easily configured AccessAlly settings!).

If you've been giving them your very best so far and they're a good fit, the upsell to becoming a paid member of your site is an absolute no-brainer.

Learn more about how the Login Optin™ Strategy works here.

Here's how to set it up:

Step 1: Create Your Free Course

First, create your free course inside of AccessAlly.

Step 2: Add Your Free Course Icon To The Dashboard Page In Your Membership Site

When your free course is all ready to go, you can add it to the dashboard page of your membership site, alongside your other (paid) courses.

login optin accessally

Step 3: Create Your Opt-In

Next, you'll want to head over to your PopupAlly Pro settings to start creating your own unique opt-in form/popup.

Step 4: Set Up The Sequence Inside Your CRM

Here, you'll tie everything together: once your visitors opt-in through the form, your CRM campaign will begin.

First, a tag should be applied to the new subscriber that gives them access to the free course. Then, send an email with a unique username and password to the new subscriber so they can log into the membership site.

Once inside the membership site, the new subscriber will be treated to a dashboard of all the courses you offer: paid and free alike.

Since AccessAlly uses tags to protect pages, the email subscribers can only access the free course they opted in for. If they're impressed enough with the amazing content you're offering, the next few steps happen organically:

  1. They become intrigued with the other course offerings
  2. Out of curiousity, they click on one of the other course icons
  3. They are automatically redirected (thanks to AccessAlly settings!) to the sales page for that course… and a chance to purchase access to it

Step 5: Make It Live

Now, it's time to make your free course and opt-in live to the world and watch as the Login Optin™ Strategy continues to build your email list and enthusiasm for your free – and paid – courses inside your new membership site!

Tools To Create Your Own Login Optin™:

The AccessAlly plugin works perfectly to build up your membership site with free and paid courses alike. For the opt-in itself, you'll want to use a plugin like PopupAlly Pro that gives you a ton of flexibility, from design possibilities to tracking affiliate links if you're utilizing an affiliate program through Ontraport or Infusionsoft.

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