This month, we’re really excited to announce the latest updates in our AccessAlly membership plugin for WordPress.

Here’s what we’ve got:

Tag-based split testing

  • This feature allows a random assignment of tags based on a customized probability that you’ve set up in your CRM platform. This feature is great to use when testing the effectiveness of different automation sequences.
  • You can split test different content and/or links on the membership site, based on the specific split test tag that is assigned.

Countdown Timer

  • Now you can create countdown timers based on a custom field value. This can help improve conversion rates during time-sensitive promotions.
  • The start time of the custom field countdown time can be assigned based on when a client signs up or makes a purchase, or when the user visits the membership site.

An all-access option that overrides the permission tags

  • Any user with this option checked can access any posts/pages, regardless of the permission tags specified within the pages.
  • Conditional content inside posts/pages still obeys the permission setting by shortcodes.
  • Only a website admin can view or configure this option.

Additional Improvements:

Added conditional redirect editor in permission panel

  • The entire permission control (both tags and conditional redirect) for pages and posts can now be configured in the permission panel of AccessAlly settings.

Search for contacts by email in the user management section

  • The user management panel in the AccessAlly settings now lets you search for contacts by email address. No need to search for the Contact ID in Infusionsoft or Ontraport anymore (although you still have the option to search by Contact ID as well).

Only show valid cards in credit card list

  • (Infusionsoft Only) invalid/inactive/deleted credit cards will be hidden in the credit card control of this shortcode [accessally_credit_card_update]
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