New Features

“aal_batchsync” operation

  • Designed to handle timed program release. When using aal_updateuser to release a module / program at a set time for multiple clients, the amount of HTTP Post / Ping URL traffic might cause the WordPress server to fail, so not all of the clients get the updated access.
  • The aal_batchsync operation replaces aal_updateuser, and instead of processing the update immediately for a particular user, it waits 5 minutes and then updates all users in the system. This means all the users will sync to the updated permission tags, even if the server rejects some of the HTTP Post / Ping URL traffic.
  • See the tutorial page for more information.



aal_genpass existing user detection

  • Before creating a new user, AccessAlly will now check if the contact ID already exists in the system. If so, it will change the email to match the email address in the CRM system (if different).
  • In previous versions, the duplicate check was done by email, which has the potential of creating multiple users with the same contact ID. For example
    1. Contact 123 purchased product 1 with email, so a user was created with login
    2. Contact 123 asks the admin to update the email to, and the change was done in the CRM without notifying AccessAlly.
    3. Contact 123 purchases product 2 with In the previous versions, a new user will be created with login linking to the same contact ID 123. With the update, a new user is NOT created, and the original user ( will be updated with as login and email.

Webinar shortcode adder

  • Add customization for whether to show (1) related video at the end of the webinar recording playback and (2) the share button at the top right corner. The default is to not show related value or the share button.


Bug Fix

Credit card update for Ontraport

  • Fix credit card update operation error, even though the updates were successful.
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