New Features

Backend styling panel supports templates, custom options and live preview

  • A set of ready-to-use style templates are provided with different color scheme; and ‘Custom’ option offers more customization yet is easy to tweak. Meanwhile, the existing full CSS is still available under ‘Advanced’ option.
  • Live preview for selected items is added to assist styling, including login widget, webinar, custom operation button, and a series of profile related controls.

Affiliate leaderboard (Tutorials)

  • The leaderboard is designed to display the leads/sales ranking of all affiliates during a time period. There are three ranking options: leads, number of sales, and total dollar amount of sales.
    • Leads: The total number of opt-in and sales referred by an affiliate, including all programs and products.
    • Number of sales: The number of sales referred by an affiliate. Filters can be set for selected products, or to include all.
    • Total dollar amount of sales: The total money of sales introduced by an affiliate. Filters can be set for selected products, or to include all. When integrated with Infusionsoft, the value is calculated on the invoices which contain the selected products. Note that if the invoice contains other products, the total amount of entire invoice is used. When integrated with Ontraport, the value always reflects the true amount of sales for selected products.
  • Leaderboard data automatically update daily. The timestamp of last update is included in the display.
  • The detail settings of leaderboard is under the AccessAlly settings. The shortcode [affiliate_leaderboard] is available in the quick-add menu of page/post editor.

Affiliate leads data

  • New shortcode [affiliate_leads] is designed to display the amount of leads (opt-in + sales) from an affiliate during a time period. It is also available in the quick-add menu of page/post editor.

Read more about AccessAlly’s affiliate management plugin features.


Add new stylings and css for controls

  • CSS for Billing/shipping address control and credit card update control is added to the ‘Advanced’ option in the backend styling panel.
  • More CSS classes are added to the table generated by [affiliate_details] shortcode for better styling and customization.

Add warning to workflow wizard course update

  • When existing courses are updated by workflow wizard, the course icons and sales redirect will be overwritten by the new values set in the wizard. A warning message will be shown when these values are empty to prevent accidentally overwriting existing values.
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