Released in June 2017.

New Features

  • Coupons/discounts in AccessAlly Payments – With this new feature, you can create special coupons or discounts that can be applied towards regular-priced products in AccessAlly.
  • Onboarding dashboard wizard – The new built-in onboarding wizard walks new AccessAlly users through the initial setup process, covering the most fundamental aspects of the plugin. Although video tutorials are still available, the new onboarding wizard will fast-track and streamline the setup process.


  • Improved the password reset mechanism so that users can enter their email and set the new password on the same page as the login control.
  • Nested conditional shortcodes – Admin can now nest conditional shortcodes to fine-tune content display for users.
  • Added a default class (accessally-icon-img) to AccessAlly course icons, so a default styling can be applied to all of the icons.
  • AccessAlly now allows users to update their profile information when integrated with ConvertKit using the [accessally_profile_update] shortcode.
  • Improve organization by allowing tags and categories to be assigned for Protected Contents.
  • Add option to replace the default WordPress user profile image with the AccessAlly user profile image (managed by the [accessally_profile_image] shortcode).
  • Add Maintenance mode and Migration tools to help with staging site development.
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