Released February 1, 2018

New Features

Introducing the AccessAlly Teams Feature

  • The team “Parent” can add “Child” users to the team, granting them access to the course content.
  • Common use-cases are:
    • Corporate training programs: employers can purchase a license bundle for the training program. The employers can then add employees to the program at their own discretion.
    • Educational courses for children: parents purchase the training program, then grant access to the child(ren).
  • Each “Child” account in the teams feature is a separate user, allowing progress and feedback to be tracked separately.
  • The team “Parent” can see an overview of all current “Child” users on the management page.
  • Team “Parent” can purchase additional licenses if they require more Child accounts than initially purchased.

No-code User Member Directory and Profile

  • Pre-built templates now exist for the member directory display, so you don’t need to be a developer to add an attractive WordPress member directory to your site.
  • The new User Profile feature can help you build a public-facing user profile section, where users can update their information.
  • The User Profile can now include input fields that are linked to CRM custom fields, so members can update the custom field values directly without submitting an opt-in form.
  • Added tag-based member profile scoring, to help sort member profiles differently based on their tags. For example, to have “featured member” listings that show up at the top.
  • Easily connect User Directory and User Profile, so that visitors can see the profile page for a specific user by clicking on the user card in the User Directory.


  • Added New Zealand Dollar as a currency option for AccessAlly order forms.
  • Disabled the “change of email” notification emails when users make changes to their email address using the AccessAlly profile update feature.
  • Improved default styling for credit card listing generated by the “accessally_credit_card_update” shortcode (only applicable to Infusionsoft integration).
  • Improved login / logout menu item visibility: do not show Login page in a menu for currently logged-in users and do not show the Logout menu item for not-logged-in visitors.
  • Added a “Custom CSS” section to AccessAlly → Styling, so that overriding styling can be added without switching to the “Advanced” option.
  • Moved the “Add Page” and “Add Protected Content” buttons into each module for stage-release course creation in the Course Wizard. This simplifies the content addition process and reduces confusion.
  • Improved management of the new Ontraport multiple credit card system (this is only applicable when integrated with Ontraport and using the Ontraport order form to take order. It does NOT apply if you are using the AccessAlly order form).
    • Newly added credit card will automatically be assigned as the default card and assigned to all active subscriptions.
    • Clients can manually change the credit card assigned to a subscription.
    • Because the subscription display has been updated, if you have selected the “Advanced” option for AccessAlly -> Styling, please review the frontend control and make sure the new display is shown properly. This does not apply if you have selected any of the templates or the Custom option.
    • Due to a bug / missing feature in Ontraport, it is not possible to charge a different credit card for an existing invoice, such as a recurring subscription payment that is in Collection. Please comment on the feature request if you want Ontraport to prioritize this feature.


  • Fixed bug in Onboarding Wizard where the billing page was created with the wrong title.
  • Fixed bug in Course Wizard default module tag names where spaces (” “) were used instead of underscore (“_”).
  • Fixed bug in Course Wizard stage-release module tag creation where the tag category couldn’t be selected (only applicable to Infusionsoft integration).
  • Fixed bug in Course Wizard checklist link to Product setup page.
  • Fixed product name display in Ontraport affiliate commission ledger display (“affiliate_details” shortcode, only applicable to Ontraport integration).
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