Released March 2019

New features

Metrics Dashboard

You can find the tutorials for the metrics dashboard here: Guide to Metrics
  • You can now build your own metrics dashboard to monitor your membership site performance.
  • Some metrics calculations can be configured to show a time-series for trend analysis.
  • You can also build your own custom calculation by combining two existing metrics items.

Improved Course Navigation

  • Course pages now feature “Next” / “Previous” buttons, so students can easily navigate through your course sequentially.
  • The links of the “Next” / “Previous” buttons are determined by the order of pages (& modules) in the Course Wizard.
  • You can now use the drag-and-drop functionality to reorder content in the Course Wizard when creating a Standalone or Stage Released course.
  • A “Resume” button is now available. When clicked, this button will to take students back to the last page they visited.

Customize the Start Date Of Your Subscription Payments

  • Instead of a fixed trial delay, you can now customize the first payment to start on a specific date or the next calendar date.
  • This feature can be used to pre-sell products with a fixed launch date.
  • It can also be used for recurring memberships where the first payment should happen on the 1st of the month / year.

Keap Integration

  • You can now integrate AccessAlly with a Keap account.
  • The setup for Keap is very similar to Infusionsoft.


  • Added a new custom operation type that will trigger a ProgressAlly event. This can be used to check objectives as completed via CRM webhooks.
  • Multiple customizations available for order forms, so you can have different purchase conditions for different order forms.
  • The Course Wizard can now create Posts (in addition to Pages and Protected Content).
  • Dedicated AccessAlly blocks are now available for: WordPress Gutenberg, the BeaverBuilder plugin, and Elementor.
  • A new “testing” step has been added to the Course Wizard, so you can make sure your setup works before opening it up to clients.
  • Brazilian Real has been added as a currency option.
  • A Portuguese translation has been added for order form wording.
  • The “next billing date” text will not show when all payments in a finite payment plan have been processed.
  • (ActiveCampaign only) Allow customization of the Company field, as the built-in Organization field in ActiveCampaign is not available for all tiers.


  • Fixed bug where WordPress admins couldn’t see backend post / page listing if they didn’t have all-access mode enabled or were missing the necessary tags.
  • Fixed bug in PayPal trial period validation that occurred if the trial interval differed from the payment interval after trial.
  • Fixed bug where the mandatory purchase condition was causing an error for abbreviated 1-click order form.
  • Fixed bug in Protected Content where the Amazon S3 file key selection didn’t appear when a new bucket was selected.
  • Added a “checked” class to the Order Form step icons for ease of styling.
  • Fixed bug where a subscription error was raised if the purchaser didn’t have a user on the AccessAlly site.
  • Fixed bug where certain PayPal subscriptions were not marked as failed even though the payments were not collected. This happened because certain PayPal profiles are shown as Active even though the payments couldn’t be collected.
  • (Infusionsoft only) Fixed bug in the affiliate lead number calculation.
  • (Ontraport only) Removed requirement for an opt-in form in the Payment CRM integration.
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