Released March 2019. Includes AccessAlly Pro.


  • Added new option to “Initiate team parent” Custom Operation to allow replacing an existing team.
  • Added option to randomize user profile display in a User Directory.
  • Added “subscription ID” column to PayPal payment log.
  • Added an option to save Personality Test scores to custom fields in the CRM.
  • Improved the Quiz answer frontend styling, so that long answers are indented / wrapped properly.


  • Fixed error that occurred when uploading a file to Protected Content in the Course Wizard.
  • Fixed bug in the Average Customer Value metrics calculation when not all products are selected.
  • Fixed bug where the parent page defaulted to “Create a new post” in the Course Wizard.
  • Fixed subscription metrics display when there are no subscriptions on the site.
  • Eliminated the “deprecated” warning message in PHP 7.2+.
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