Released June 2019

New Features: Order form design customization

  • New input fields can now be added to order forms, which can optionally link to CRM custom fields.
  • Additional text and image fields can be added to the order form designs.
  • The placement of input / text elements are controlled via a drag-and-drop order form design interface.

The full tutorial for setting up your new order form designs can be found here: How to Design & Customize Your Order Forms


  • Added PayPal timezone setting in AccessAlly’s PayPal integration under General Settings → Payment → PayPal to avoid timezone issue when creating PayPal subscription profiles. (The setting can be found in “Step 4” of this tutorial.)
  • Improved page load time for Custom Operations and Products setting pages.
  • Set the “Nickname” to the First Name for newly created users, so that the email addresses are not shown in certain forum profiles.
  • Added option to show a CRM field (such as the PayPal email) in the Affiliate Payout report.
  • Added Angolan Kwanza as a currency option.
  • Subscription credits are NOT included in the Metrics revenue calculation.
  • Added Subscription Churn Metrics calculation.
  • Added Active Subscription filter to Metrics calculations.
  • Added American Military addresses to the States selection.
  • Added an “alternate” affiliate link mode for servers that can’t properly process links with the “~” character. (Tutorial here)
  • Enabled a drag-and-drop re-ordering for Profile and User Directory description items.
  • Changed the letter “E” to lowercase in “Every month / year, etc” -> “every month / year, etc” for recurring product pricing description.
  • Added an advanced option to customize the product pricing description.
  • Adding / removing tags in WordPress dashboard user profile will now be updated in the CRM.


  • Fixed a bug in the Course Wizard → Stage-release course update, where moving pages to another module wasn’t saved.
  • Page icons are no longer changed when the pages are re-ordered in the Course Wizard.
  • Affiliate links can now be processed when shared on Pinterest and clicked on an iPhone (the ~ symbol is converted to %7E).
  • (ConvertKit only) added missing subscriber ID argument to the On-Demand Login link.
  • Fixed a bug in the Active Subscription Metrics calculation, where the time window wasn’t used properly.
  • Increased the maximum profile image size to 1024 by 1024 pixels.
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