Released September 2019

* Version 3.2.1 was released on the same day addressing a critical bug fix. *

We’ve been busy: from changing diapers on our newborn, welcoming a new team member to our company, and working on time sensitive updates for payment compliance…

It’s nice to reflect on what went into the latest version of AccessAlly, which is available now inside your WordPress plugins dashboard.

Here’s a video overview to whet your appetite:

New Features

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) Compliance

If you’re not sure what this means or if it relates to your business, read our full SCA compliance blog post here.

  • AccessAlly is now SCA-ready and EU clients can verify their payment method securely when making purchases with AccessAlly Order Forms.
  • There is NO additional configuration required for new orders: for payments requiring SCA, clients will be prompted to validate their credit card by clicking on a button.
  • If you have existing subscriptions or payment plans, you’ll want to use AccessAlly’s “Update Credit Card” functionality.
  • You can find the full tutorial for setting up this credit card page here, and from there you can send an email to have clients validate their card securely.
  • If you’ve already set up a Failed Payment automation sequence, then your email automation will kick in and direct people to update their card settings.

Custom field based filter for Member Directory

Tutorials for setting up this feature can be found here.

  • Added an option to filter users based on a custom field value. (This is ideal for segmenting users based on certain text values, such as Industry or Location.)
  • The “dropdown” custom field update option can be used allow users to update a custom field with preset values, thus reducing the chance of typos.
  • The ability to search based on any number of fields (not just names), so you can have people search for specific keywords in the fields you deem useful (for example location, biography, industry, etc.)

Countdown timer custom operation

Tutorials for setting up this feature can be found here.

  • Added the ability to create a global countdown timer to a specified time.
  • Introduced the ability to create a countdown timer for a specific coupon. The countdown timer can be used in the order form or as part of content.
  • An animated countdown timer is now available as one of the display options

Subscription Custom Operations

Tutorials for setting up this feature can be found here.

  • Added the ability to create frontend buttons for subscription actions: cancel, revoke, stop, and add payment credits.
  • This allows clients to self-manage existing subscriptions.
  • Actions can also be initiated via a webhook in the CRM.

A New Setup Wizard for Simplified Onboarding

The new setup wizard reduces the onboarding steps to a minimal required input. It also offers the ability to create and configure key pages, so the site is ready to use.

View the new Setup Wizard tutorial here.


  • Added styling customization for Team Management button colors (in General Settings → Styling → Custom).
  • Added a parameter to the “affiliate_details” shortcode that allows customization of how much referral information (name, email) to display.
  • Improved Permissions → Update User interface so that it is easier to resolve Invalid Contact ID / Duplicate Contact ID errors.
  • Updated default Course Navigation and Resume button styling, so that long button texts will still have padding on the sides.
  • Added a “Save” button to inline profile / custom field updates, so that users have a chance to review the input before deciding to update.
  • Added a new custom operation that can be used to create a CRM-activated coupon.
  • Added “Custom Text” and “Custom Code” elements to Member Directory Profile configuration, so static text can be included in the User Profile.
  • Improved Purchase Log → Subscription Details interface to clarify how each admin action is performed.
  • Introduced a new “modern” look for User Directory and User Profile.
  • Added PayPal format CSV export for Affiliate Payout report.
  • Added Danish Krone as a currency option.
  • Added Swedish Krona as a currency option.
  • Added conditional display shortcodes based on whether clients have certain active subscriptions.
  • Introduce the ability to Archive an order in Purchase Log → Order Details. Archived orders are not included in Metrics calculations.
  • (ProgressAlly) Enabled drag-and-drop re-ordering for Objective list setup.
  • (ProgressAlly) Added “Clone” feature to Quiz questions.
  • (ProgressAlly) Enabled drag-and-drop re-ordering for Quiz questions.
  • (ProgressAlly) Increased maximum Private Notes attachment size to 10MB.


  • Fix submit issue if contact information inputs are placed in bordered block for Flex order form designs.
  • Fix bug where the placeholder text for the State selection element was not updated correctly in Order Form Flex design.
  • Fix hardcoded error text in Order Form required input validation, which now uses the localized version.
  • Show readable dates in Affiliate Commission export instead of UNIX timestamps.
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