Released October 2019

New Features

Course Icon Dashboard

  • You can now use the AccessAlly Course Wizard to customize an icon dashboard for your courses.
  • The icons in the dashboard can be re-ordered via drag-and-drop, and you can add headers / body text to organize the courses.
  • You can control whether to show the icon depending on whether the user has purchased / signed up for the course.
Learn how to use this feature here.

Sales Email Notifications (beta)

  • Get an email every time a sale is made on an AccessAlly order form
  • Choose the email addresses for who will receive sales notifications
  • The email reflects client details, product and price, coupons applied, affiliate who made the sale, and if it was a subscription replacement
Learn how to enable this feature here.


  • Upgraded to Stripe V3 Elements for accepting credit card input.
  • Added “# of payments” calculation to the Metrics dashboard.
  • Allow course icons to be added by selecting a course created in the Course Wizard.
  • (ProgressAlly) Added an option to run an AccessAlly Custom Operation on Objective completion.
  • Course revoke functionality improvement: now you can apply just one “master revoke” tag to remove access to a course, without needing to add separate PAYF tags for each of the modules separately.
  • New custom operations to grant or revoke access to courses, which automatically handle the appropriate tagging.
  • Added an advanced option to not run PHP scripts in post / page content.
  • Added more spacing to Affiliate Details and Affiliate Leaderboard tables on the frontend.


  • Fix “NaN” Custom Operation index error when adding the first Custom Operation.
  • (ProgressAlly) Fix Javascript error when using the Classic WordPress editor.
  • Ontraport affiliate link structure update to match new link set up
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