Released November 2019

New Features

Coupon Manager

  1. You can now see a list of all active and used coupons.
  2. Individual one-use coupon can be canceled or extended.
  3. The batch coupon import function is ideal for creating a list of discount coupons for gift certificates and / or physical coupon slips.

Screenshot of a gift card at checkout process
Click here to see the full tutorial on creating gift cards and managing coupons.


  1. Add read-only mode to [accessally_team_child_list] shortcode, so it can be nested in Team Admin section or in User Directory to list team children.
  2. Allow resizing of log tables, including Order and Subscription Purchase Logs.


  1. Fix submit issue when using a $0 order form after submitting a coupon.
  2. Improve the Permissions → Update Users logic to prevent ConvertKit API timeout from generating false “Invalid Contact ID” errors.
Photo of a roll of duct tape and call to action to check out AccessAlly