Released November 2020

We’re hard at work on AccessAlly 4.0, which is one of our most ambitious projects to date.

AccessAlly is getting a fresh new look, and we’re also working on a way to handle more of the automation within the plugin so you don’t need to depend on a CRM if you don’t want to.

It’s going to make AccessAlly even more powerful while making it easier to add and maintain content. (Woohoo!)

But we’re still in mid-development…

So today we’re releasing 3.5.4, which is a small bug-fix release to address the following:


  • Added a clearer message and a new “Next” button for the PayPal redirect page. This will prevent it from blocking the original order form page if it’s not closed automatically (which can happen on certain mobile devices).
  • Updated the help text to clarify how shipping fees are applied when there are multiple products in an offer.


  • Fixed the issue for the Ontraport order list display where only 1 product was shown when multiple products were included.
  • Fixed a bug where Order Bumps and Toggles settings weren’t copied correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where the product selection wasn’t saved when configuring invoice or affiliate emails.
  • Fixed the bug in the “Website” display for Member Directories, where non-absolute URLs were redirected to invalid URLs.
  • Fixed a bug where the price wraps down on certain resolutions when the product name is long on two-column flex forms.
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