AccessAlly 3.7.1 Release Notes

Released July 2021

New Features and Improvements

  • Added a new Quaderno tax inclusive option! This way, everyone sees the same price, even if you are going to be remitting taxes for some customers. More details on how to enable that here: Quaderno Integration for Online Courses & LMS
  • Now you can update your members’ User Role within AccessAlly automatically. This is going to make a huge difference if you use a forum plugin or private podcast feed that uses the WordPress user roles to control access. More details here: How to Have WordPress Change User Role Automatically
  • In ProgressAlly’s Private Notes, we’ve added the option of enabling profile photos on the front end for your members. This means they can see the photo of the person responding to them. Here’s how to enable it: Create Private Notes & Homework in AccessAlly Pro
  • We added an existing shortcode “accessally_custom_operation_log” to the shortcode adder, to make it easier to display how members might be earning and using their points in a credit system.

Bug Fixes

  • ProgressAlly Private Notes: all of the types of response buttons were showing, instead of only the ones that apply to a particular type of note. Now you’ll only see the buttons that are meant for that note!
  • ProgressAlly Certificates: fixed an issue where the completion date was not displaying properly.
  • Fixed a Member Directory issue, where it showed someone else’s profile when updating their own profile.
  • Fixed the Affiliate Information that was not mobile responsive.
  • Fixed a bug where an S3 Video Conversion Fails if the file name had a comma.

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