Formerly ProgressAlly. With this latest update, AccessAlly Pro users can take their gamification to the next level with new quiz features and a super helpful import/export option.

New Features

Import / Export settings

  • This will allow you to export any saved AccessAlly Pro settings of a post/page to a separate file.
  • The import feature will allow an admin to take the exported AccessAlly Pro file and import it to a page / post.
  • The import / export feature allows admins to build objectives / quizzes on a test page / site before deploying on a live site with 1-click.


Multiple outcomes of graded quiz

  • Graded quizzes can show different messages based on the final score. HTML code is allowed in the message, so the quiz creator can use different graphics / styling based on the quiz score.
  • Existing graded quizzes will continue to function as before;  the ‘Final Result Message Text’ is shown regardless of score. The quiz creator can add additional outcomes to existing quizzes, if desired.

Pass/fail threshold for graded quiz

  • When configured, the Quiz objective can only be marked as completed if the clients score higher than the threshold. When combined with the AccessAlly Pro Objective tagging, the quiz creator can restrict the release of the next module only when the clients have passes the current quiz.
  • For existing graded quizzes, the pass/fail threshold default to 0, so any score is treated as a “pass”.

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