Formerly ProgressAlly. Released in October 2016.

New Features

Progress reporting

  • The progress reports displays an overview of user completion statistics for all pages / posts.
  • Show detailed statistics for each objective in the "Statistics" tab on each post / page.
  • Show user-specific progress statistics in the User Profile.


"Page / Post" objective type replaces the "Use local objectives" option.

  • A new objective type, "Page / Post" is introduced in this update. This allows you to better track the overall progress on a parent page, as clients complete each of the child modules.
  • Existing setups are not affected: any page previously configured as a parent page (with the "use local objectives" option unchecked) will be populated with the new objectives.
  • The parent page can now show an objective table, so clients can see which module is completed / still need to be worked on.
  • You can now add additional objectives (regular / video / quiz) to the parent page, in addition to tracking child page progress.


  • Fix the "background" color customization in the "AccessAlly Pro_progress_pie_chart" and "AccessAlly Pro_progress_bar" shortcodes.
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