Formerly ProgressAlly. Released in December 2016.


AccessAlly Pro Reports

  • Quiz statistics are now available in the admin dashboard.
  • A search box allows admins to quickly navigate to the appropriate page / post to access the statistics overview.
  • Detailed statistics for each page are now available in the admin dashboard (instead of in the settings on the individual pages), and can be accessed through the page overview or the search box.
  • The number of unique users who have access a page / post is now visible to help give an idea of the overall objective or quiz completion rate.


Reorder Objectives

  • This feature permits admins to easily reorder objectives within a page.

Added an email share option in the social share shortcode

  • Users can easily share a page or post via email, which will auto-include a subject line and a link to the post/page inside the email body.

Shortcodes enabled in the Private Notes admin replies

  • Admins can now add shortcodes to their Private Note replies. This is only enabled for admin messages and only when the “Enable HTML code” checkbox is checked.


  • Fixed the update issue where multiple instances of the same Private Note are added to the same page.
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