Formerly ProgressAlly. Released in January 2017.


Homework Review

  • A new note type & objective type are introduced with this feature
  • With the new note type “Admin reviewed answer”, course members can submit content to the admin, who will then approve or request a revision. Once approved, the corresponding objective will be automatically marked “complete.”

Quiz-completion Tagging

  • This feature automatically assigns a “tag” from your CRM system when someone completes a quiz.
  • The assigned tag can either be specific to the outcome of the quiz (pass/fail, percentage of passing, or match up with the custom outcomes in a personality quiz), or simply be used as a single tag applied when the quiz has been completed, regardless of the outcome.
  • Quiz-completion tagging allows you to automatically funnel course members into a new tag-based sequence once they complete the quizzes in your courses.


Page Selection for Objective Shortcode Adder

  • When an admin wants to add an objective list that’s currently created on another another page in the site, the autocomplete box allows you to quickly select the target page by name and add the necessary parameter in the shortcode. This feature allows you to easily use other objective lists, without requiring advanced shortcode structure knowledge or having to look up the documentation.
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