Formerly ProgressAlly. Released in March 2017.

New Features – Drip Integration!

This brand new integration allows AccessAlly Pro’s tagging abilities to work with Drip.

Currently, tags can be applied automatically to a contact:

  • When an objective list is completed
  • When a quiz is completed (tags are based on the individual quiz outcomes)
  • When a contact uses AccessAlly Pro to share on Facebook

If you’re considering migrating to Drip read more in our Drip vs. ActiveCampaign comparison here.


Quiz Mini Pages

With quiz “mini pages,” you now have an alternative to showing all of the quiz questions at once.

The admin can decide how many questions are shown in each quiz “mini-page”. The quiz user simply follows the “previous” and “next” buttons to navigate through the quiz.

User-Specific Quiz Result Download

The CVS download for quizzes now includes a column that shows the final quiz results (e.g. the score or outcome) that are specific to each student/user.

New Objective Count Shortcode

Two new shortcodes are now available as an alternative to showing a percentage-based progress bar to students:

  1. A shortcode-based display that reveals the number of objectives in a page
  2. A display that reveals the number of completed objectives in a page

Both of these shortcodes can be added via the “Progress Information” section in the shortcode adder.

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