Formerly ProgressAlly. Released in September 2017.

New Features

Video progress tracking

  • Automatically mark objective as completed when students have finished watching a video.
  • This feature can be used to control the release of new modules only after students have watched all the course videos.
  • When combined with Events, this feature can be used to segment clients based on how much promotional videos they have watched.

Advanced automation based on user behavior

Automatically add tag(s) in CRM when clients login / visit certain pages / mark objectives as completed. This feature can be used to automate reminder emails if clients haven’t logged in for a while. CRM tagging based on objective completion can be used to segment clients based on progress.

“Mark as complete” button

Mark multiple (or all) objectives as completed when students click on the button. Provides an easy way for students to check off all objectives with a single click.


  • Fine-tune progress-based conditional display – allow conditionally showing content after a specified percentage of objectives have been marked as completed. For example, course creators can drip content after 20%, 40%, 60% etc of the objectives have been completed.
  • More customization in course certificate – (1) customize a PDF certificate with the course completion date. (2) (for developers only) allow shortcodes in the “Custom” text.
  • Student activity view for admin – allow admins to review the login and page visit information for students in the backend.
  • Show popup with quiz result (with PopupAlly Pro) – instead of showing an embedded opt-in, visitors can be shown a popup after submitting a quiz.
  • Private note reply admin view – add the ability to sort the private notes that require admin reply in chronological and reverse-chronological order.
  • Better page selection: include the parent page in the page selection dropdown, so that module pages with the same name can be easily distinguished.
  • Better checklist completion tagging: allow more than 1 tags to be added when all objectives have been checked off. This is perfect for releasing the next module only when the previous one is completed.


  • Fix links in email share that wasn’t showing up correctly on Apple Mail.


  • Add auto-complete video objectives.
  • Introduce advanced automation based on user behavior.
  • Shows login and page access logs in the backend user profile.
  • Allow showing popup based on quiz outcomes.
  • Improve objective completion shortcode to allow showing content on partial completion.
  • Allow customizing PDF certificate with checklist completion time.
  • Improve sorting for private notes that require admin reply.
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