Released July 2020

We’ve just released a small update for AccessAlly, with a handful of small fixes.

This is a quick version update, and these post-release updates help us smooth out any issues we find after a big release!


  • Now you can sync any new CRM tags, Custom Fields, or client data with one click from anywhere in the WordPress backend. We’ve added a “Sync CRM Data” button to the new AccessAlly top bar in the WordPress admin area, replacing the need for clicking the “Save Changes” button in the General Settings.
  • We moved the ProgressAlly shortcodes to the top of the shortcode adder list, since these tend to be the most commonly used ones!

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the intermittent Infusionsoft tag issue that was affecting a small number of sites.
  • Fixed a caching issue in the email invoices, where the wrong customer names were being inserted. If you’ve enabled the new email invoice feature, you’ll benefit from this fix that resolves a caching issue.
  • Fixed the missing “Comment” section in the shortcode adder, so it will display the tag name and not just the tag ID.
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