5 Personality Quiz ideas designed to help #entrepreneurs form a stronger connection with their tribe. | #gamification #onlinebusiness #loyalcustomersThere are so many really great tried-and-true ways to connect with your tribe, your ideal clients, through your website. But there are also a lot of outside-the-box strategies that can be used to enhance whatever marketing and content that you’re throwing out there. And by “outside-the-box” I mean something like using a personality quiz as a tool to connect on a deeper level with your tribe.

Personality quizzes are pretty fun to take – and those that are well-thought-out can be super beneficial for the person who’s taking it. That beneficial area is where you’ll want to focus on and take advantage of as an online business owner.

When I’m offering a product or service, I need to know exactly how it solves the problems of my customers. I need to know what they need so that I can connect the dots for them and hit home that fact that “my product is what they’re looking for.”

In one sense, you have to know your people better than they know themselves.

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If you truly understand your customers, a personality quiz might be the perfect sales tool. It can be the thing that proves to them that you know where they’re at and what they need.

So here are 5 ways to create a personality quiz in WordPress that you can use to form a stronger connection with your clients.

1. The Goal-Oriented Quiz

This type of quiz hits home by connecting your customers’ deepest desires with your business.

What do your customers really want… and how can you tap into that desire?

personality quiz ideas

By offering a quiz that connects with the various goals and possibilities that your clients see in their future, you’re able to subtly offer a re-focus on what they’re striving for.

This means that you also have the opportunity to show them how your product fits in as a tool to help them attain that goal!

You can easily do this with AccessAlly Pro’s quiz feature.

2. The Motivation Quiz

What does your ideal customer love? What really motivates them and gets them going?

Whereas the goal-oriented quiz focuses on the “not-yet” future, the motivation-style of quiz hones in on the nostalgia and the things that your customers love.

Think about it: even though a lot of us would cite “a great job” or “a comfortable income” as one of our goals, we’re motivated by something deeper. Something heart-centered.

And the motivation quiz can serve as a reminder that “Nathalie wants to help others succeed,” or that “Person X wants to have a peaceful, happy home life.”

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It’s a powerful way to remind your tribe that there are more important things than money, and sometimes the service you have to offer them is worth the investment…because it really does help to free up their time or resources.

3. The Next Step Quiz

A well-crafted website should present that “little kid in a candy shop” vibe to your ideal customers. After all, the stuff you offer is crafted and designed especially for them.

But when you present a lot of awesome material, it can cause overwhelm and indecision. That’s definitely not good when you want to make quick, confident, well-intentioned sales. (The kind that makes for happy & satisfied customers!)

So one way that we’ve been able to help people out is by presenting a “next step” quiz inside our membership site.

The Next Step Quiz

By asking the right questions and having a large array of educational courses to pick from, we’re able to offer a logical “next step” for our members.

This works best when you know exactly what the end goal is, so you can craft your materials accordingly.

4. The Self-Discovery Quiz

How well do your customers know themselves?

Straight up personality quizzes are super addicting, but they’re also pretty insightful. Personality tests like the Myers-Briggs or the C. Jung tests help us to understand how we work a little better.

It’s definitely good business practice to know, for example, whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert – or whether you typically make decisions based on feelings or on facts. Once you’re aware of these basic tendencies, you can start really leaning into your strong areas, and supplementing your weak areas (with a new hire or contractor).

Offering a unique self-discovery quiz on your website might just be a trust-building tool, or it could help your visitors to self-identify with a certain product or service that you offer.

Say, for example, I had two courses to offer: Blogging 101 and Public Speaking 101. Someone who hasn’t pinpointed that they’re a bold extrovert might naturally gravitate towards the Public Speaking course without realizing why…even if it’s not the course they really need to reach the right audience.

A self-discovery quiz can help to bridge that gap between how your customers perceive your course (“public speaking is overwhelming”) and how your product is actually designed to help (“public speaking for those who are freeze at the thought of public speaking!”).

create personality quiz wordpress - The Self Discovery Quiz

In other words, a well-crafted quiz that focuses on self-discovery might be able to bring your visitors to a sales page that they wouldn’t otherwise have visited.

5. The Test of Knowledge Quiz

Not all quizzes, of course, are personality-oriented ones. Some gamification quizzes are designed to challenge your audience.

A graded quiz, in the right setting, is a great way to hone in on the strengths and weaknesses of your tribe. It’s something that we love incorporating within our many courses inside our membership site.

By putting some thought and effort into the creation of the quiz itself, we’re able to offer additional value to students of our online courses. If, for example, they just watched a video about Basic SEO, they should find questions about “Meta Titles” pretty easy to answer.

This really helps to encourage Heartquarters members to invest more fully in our courses so that they’re able to get the most out of it.

How To Create A Personality Quiz For Your WordPress Site With This Plugin

Online quizzes – both personality and graded ones – fall under the category of “gamification,” which is a goldmine for increased engagement and loyal customers.

It doesn’t have to be super complicated. Some membership site plugins like AccessAlly Pro include the quiz feature… so you only need one tool to get started.

AccessAlly Pro is specifically designed to be a quick and easy way to deliver great quizzes and other gamification perks to your visitors – all within the pages of your own membership website.

Of course, there are other plugins and third-party websites available to use as well, and a simple Google search will bring up a plethora for you to look through.

The important thing is to deliver strong, well-thought-out quizzes that will help your tribe to connect with the best of your products. It’s a win-win situation.

Do you currently tap into the power of quizzes?

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