Ekcetera are connoisseurs of all things digital design. Throughout the customer engagement process, they will uncover your brand style, design a roadmap to achieve your goals, and help you choose the right technical components to make it all happen.

They’ll help you get un-stuck and use the best digital strategy and powerful tools to accomplish your business goals.

They do this through brand development, design, website creation, email automation, content strategy and execution, membership sites and course development.

Ekcetera’s founder Kelly Garrett is a wife, mother, and lover of ice cream from Minnesota. Her comprehensive background includes experience in IT, design, marketing, web development, and entrepreneurship.

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How she became an AccessAlly® Certified Partner

As one of our amazing AccessAlly Certified Partners, Kelly Garrett is a professional who comes with high recommendations and a legacy of expertise.

Kelly was one of the first participants to join the program when it began in 2015. The timing was perfect.

“It seemed like a great fit,” reflects Kelly, “especially since I was looking to offer membership sites. I felt like the [other] programs that were out there weren’t designed for the end user.”

It’s definitely been a great fit – in more ways than one.

“I think that the way Nathalie and Robin do business is in alignment with how I do business,” notes Kelly. “Because, software aside, you have to see things the same way with the people you do business with.”

A strict focus on taking your business to the next level

Kelly has been in business with Ekcetera for over a decade now. She describes her business as a “boutique agency” that specializes in uniting the various aspects of marketing.

“We really excel at helping people, especially if their marketing is sort of scattered,” explained Kelly.

“First, we look at their business and info places where we can connect the dots for them. Then we turn their marketing into a very smooth, cohesive experience.”

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If you know what you want, there’s an expert who can take you there

The main clientele of Ekcetera are businesses who are somewhat established.

“We work best with businesses who know that they’ve got something. They’ve already got clients and are at the point where they know they need to elevate things to the next level.”

Although most of the businesses she works with are online (the majority of her clients are solo and female entrepreneurs), Ekcetera also helps a few local brick-and-mortar businesses.

Because of the way we approach cohesive marketing, the type of business matters less. At the end of the day, we’re just going back to the basics of marketing.”

Connecting With Software Designed for the End User

On the tech side, Kelly and her team are passionate about pairing their clients with the right software for their business.

“We’re connoisseurs – we’re able to pick and choose from all the tech tools that are out there. We can choose what will help them make it work.”

For clients who need a membership site, however, AccessAlly remains one of Kelly’s favorites to consider first.

“I love the simplicity of it,” she asserts. “It’s designed for the end user, but it can be very specific and detailed, too, which fits really well with the way we do things.”

A blended career creates the perfect balance of experience

Ekcetera continues to stand for a high level of value and expertise… something that Kelly herself brings to the table with her wealth of experience and education.

“I’m a self-taught designer,” she shares. “When I was a kid I always used to use PrintShop… remember that program?”

She laughs a little, and reveals a rich educational background, from working at an architectural firm in high school where she first learned Photoshop to obtaining a college degree in IT.

“After college, I decided that I really want to stand out,” Kelly laughs… so she dove headfirst into an intense, 2-year MBA program with an emphasis on marketing and entrepreneurship.

It was at this point that all of Kelly’s interests and talents converged into a powerful driving force. “I realized that I don’t just want to develop things for people. I want to make an impact.

This desire to make an impact fuels Kelly’s niche expertise.

“A lot of people don’t realize how everything is so intertwined,” she explains, “And so they tend to silo their marketing. They hire a web developer. Then they hire someone to create a logo. It’s a very convoluted process that loses effectiveness.”

digital marketing strategist

Kelly’s goal is to regain the effectiveness of digital marketing for the companies she works with.

“During the [design] process, we don’t just say ‘let’s put it here because it’s pretty’ or ‘lets put it here because it’s easier to navigate’ – that’s not enough. We’re the eyes and ears for people, leading them in one direction over another.”

Here again, she emphasizes the importance of businesses to know what they want.

There’s no point in doing any [marketing] unless there’s a goal you’re going after.”

Attention To Detail, Balanced with A Big Picture View

How does Kelly balance the top-level planning of her role as a digital marketing strategist with a need to be detail-oriented?

With an aviation analogy.

“We can look at things from a 30,000-ft view and really steer you in the right direction,” she says. “But once we’ve created your overall strategy, we dive in deep and get really detailed. We can solve technical and strategic problems… which is definitely another of our strengths.”

She goes on to explain that “There aren’t too many [marketing strategists] that do both well. Some are great at aligning a bigger picture, but can’t dive down to solve the intricate problems of application.”

digital marketing strategist

Life As An Entrepreneur, Revealed

digital marketing strategist kelly garrettAlthough she’s been incredibly successful as an entrepreneur, Kelly reveals that the journey has been an unexpected adventure.

“There’s so many things you’re not in control of! Whatever you envision life as an entrepreneur to be – it’s not going to be what you picture it.”

She laughs. “I’m very introverted, so it surprises me how much I enjoy working with people. The conversations and relationships I build with my clients are a huge part of what drives me.”

A Digital Marketing Strategist – And Team – Who Can Help Your Company

Kelly Garrett and her team at Ekcetera Design & Marketing are definitely top-of-the-line in their field… and ready to help you take your online business to a higher level of cohesive effectiveness.

(And remember – we have a full list of AccessAlly Certified Partners, each with unique abilities and expertise. Take time to check them out here.)

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