Today, we’re so excited to be able to feature one of our amazing AccessAlly Certified partners: Jamie DuBose.

She’s the woman you want to hire BEFORE your next launch.

Jamie DuBose is the CEO of She helps profitable entrepreneurs make strategic marketing decisions that consistently improve their business & increase their revenue. Her expertise lies in creating targeted, high-performing campaigns that track & use behavior-based subscriber metrics to sell more units to a more engaged audience.

In other words… if you’re looking for new ways to improve your business reach, Jamie is ready to help!

I sat down to chat with Jamie a couple weeks ago to learn more about her own business and specialized expertise.

What she revealed got me really excited about the strategic support that’s available for online entrepreneurs.

An Evolving Career Brings Clarity – And Expertise with Launching

One of the most interesting facets of the entrepreneurial life is that we don’t always know where life will lead us!

For Jamie, this meant an evolving career path would take a few unique twists and turns, building on itself over time.

It all began back 2011, when Jamie worked as a virtual assistant for entrepreneurs. Here, she first started to develop a focus on membership sites.

“This was before membership sites were cool… and when the options for protecting content were limited to one or two options,” she laughs.

Soon, she began to dive a lot deeper into the businesses of her clients. Instead of just checking things off their to-do lists, Jamie helped them build the foundation for the architecture behind their membership sites.

As online strategies and the landscape as a whole continued to shift, Jamie found herself working more with the strategy that surrounds the customer side of things: accurate customer segmenting and creating an engaged group of customers.

This meant taking a more comprehensive look at the customer experience as a whole. It means establishing better ways to interact with subscribers… something that goes beyond just having a pretty website.

“Basically, it’s about reaching the right people at the right time… and continuing to nurture them throughout the launch.”

More Successful Launches Under Her Belt

As Jamie’s specialization grew, she began to create her own legacy of success.

At first, Jamie worked mainly with startups who were just getting their feet wet in the world of online launches. But as she connected them with more profitable strategies, she naturally stayed at the forefront of digital strategy.

“Now I’m working with a lot of 6 & 7 figure entrepreneurs. They’re people who are doing a great job with their business… they just want to do it better,” she noted.

“The Magic is In the Middle”

Jamie and I spent a bit of time talking about her own philosophy of running an online business. One of Jamie’s favorite sayings is “The magic is in the middle” … and by that she means the middle of the marketing funnel.

It’s a truth that she really works to impress on her clients.

Because in the end, the success of your business doesn’t depend on your paid advertising budget, how many people are on your email list (providing you have a good email list!), etc. Rather, it it depends on what you’re doing to build a relationship with your subscribers.

“People who have smallish lists can be just as successful and profitable as people who are spending a lot of time and energy at the top of the funnel and getting a lot of subscribers in the door,” Jamie pointed out.

The key is building a solid relationship with subscribers so that they’re not just buying things. The goal is to help them become repeat customers and loyal fans.

A Note From Jamie:

Have you noticed the trend happening in the online marketing space? One that makes it a necessity to actually build relationships with human beings vs. “blasting” an “offer” to a “list” in order to close new business or sell more products?

It’s a trend that’s changing the way we “do online marketing”, and it’s why I get excited about helping my clients on a strategic level – we’re able to create a marketing strategy that not only is built to encourage (and measure!) engagement and conversions, but more importantly focus on the conversation rather than the sale.

I love building strategic partnerships with clients that understand this shift and want to use it as a core part of their business model for consistent growth, instead of focusing on routine tasks like sending a weekly newsletter, launching a new course and building a massive email list in hopes of generating more revenue.

Because at the end of the day, THAT’S how people will remember you and your brand. It’s not about making a sale, it’s about creating a customer.

Jamie DuBose

Honing In On Real Numbers To Make Your Business Dreams A Reality

Another thing that really impressed me about Jamie’s passion is her commitment to using real stats and metrics to make a difference for online businesses.

In fact, it’s something that Jamie focuses on as a deliverable for her clients. “My own expertise includes using and tracking behavior-based metrics when it comes to email marketing… and this goes beyond just opens and clicks!”

She continued to explain that her mission is to take the metrics and “look at it again from a prospect or subscriber’s point of view. I see action or inaction … and figure out how we can ultimately use that to create more engagement.”

It’s her own secret sauce for making marketing really effective.

But pairing the entrepreneurial spirit with numbers and systems is definitely a balancing act.

“Launching on a prayer/gut feelings is great… but I don’t recommend only doing that! Backing up with actual quantitive data is priceless.”

Standing Out From Competition…

The life of an entrepreneur can be stressful – especially when it comes to things like facing competition.

But Jamie’s challenge of “standing out” is a bit unique:

“It’s funny because I feel like sometimes the best kept secret in marketing automation,” she laughs. “They don’t know if I’m a launch strategist, or if I’m a web developer (which I’m not).”

So I asked her to describe her sweet spot a little more:

“Basically, my sweet spot lies in being able to bridge that gap between the pretty website and the functionality that lies behind the marketing message. It’s great place for me to be, because my brain is split pretty evenly down the middle. I’m type A, but can communicate with the creatives and tech-y people.

“The differentiator [for me] is being able to speak to both sides in a way that they can understand and continue to benefit from each other’s strengths.”

Why A Marketing Automation Specialist Works With AccessAlly Products

Many of our AccessAlly Certified Partners specialize in technology and website development… which makes sense. Our plugins, after all, are designed to stay at the cutting edge of tech tools.

So for Jamie DuBose, the Certification allows her to take entrepreneurs who are using these cutting-edge plugins… and making sure that they really receive the highest return on their investment.

Infusionsoft : AACP Logo

“I know Nathalie from B-School 2011… and have always loved her! And I love that her company, AccessAlly, is building software that addresses the actual needs of real business owners.”

I asked her to explain a little more, so she continued:

“It’s really fun to be able to see how they’re able to take the things that are going wrong – and making them right. Remember, I’ve worked with all types of membership site software over the last 4 or 5 years. Since then, I’ve been seeing the gaps get smaller and smaller between what the tech developers think the software should be… and what the users actually need.

“Nathalie and Robin have gone so far above and beyond, listening to the needs of the market and creating a solution, and doing it better. And I truly see them making this impact because they’re coming at it from a different mindset. They’re not motivated by the ‘I’m creating this to be successful’ mindset, but from the desire to create a product so that consumers can be successful.”

Naturally, many of Jamie’s clients use the AccessAlly membership site plugin. She sees this as one of the first steps towards setting up a powerful new membership site course.

“I love it when my clients truly understand the need for a web developer and designer. And I love partnering with the web designers. It helps ensure that the AccessAlly setup and functionality really works the way it’s meant to.

The Perfect Time To Work With A Marketing Automation Specialist Is…

When you team up with a specialist, it’s important to get them onboard at the perfect time.

Jamie shares that getting this timing right can be a struggle: “I’m often the last person people think about when they’re launching a program and community…when really I should be one of the first people they talk to!”

She continues to explain that “there are so many things spinning around a launch that it can get really hard to zoom out and look at the higher level marketing strategy. But the more I can come in sooner rather than later, the less fires I have to put out. It’s so much easier to start with a solid strategy foundation than try to tweak and change things during the launch itself!”

Are You Ready to Succeed? Consider Short-term vs Long-term Partnerships

The last thing that Jamie and I chatted about was short- vs. long-term partnerships.

After all, most launches take only a few days to complete, outside of the initial planning and setup stage.

“I do offer long-term strategic partnerships,” explained Jamie, “but can only take so many at a time. I do like working with clients long-term. It’s important for them to realize that a successful business doesn’t happen in a moment. We have to be innovative. We have to tweak things constantly to keep our momentum going strong.

“That having been said, I love just getting started with new clients on a limited, project-basis. Typically I like to start about 8 weeks prior to their launch date so we can set everything up properly. This gives my clients access to quick-wins in terms of the launch itself. It also helps them understand that their attention should be ongoing; tailored to the needs of their clients.”

The outcome of this partnership is every entrepreneur’s dream:

We’re not just helping them launch better but are also helping them make better decisions as a whole.”

Interested in Working With Jamie On Your Next Launch?

Would like you like to connect with Jamie – or any of our other amazing AccessAlly Certified Partners? Take time to reach out to them here.

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  1. Ahmad Ben on May 5, 2017 at 6:34 pm

    Some very interesting insights here. I promote a membership training site on my blog and the biggest transformation I had was when I put effort into actually building a relationship with my subscribers. Instead of treating them like subscribers and sending them random autoresponder emails, i’ve created a tailored solution that really adds value and genuinely helps people. This single shift in mindset enabled me to see some wild results with my email marketing.

    It’s amazing how a subtle shift in perception can make such a big difference to the bottom line.