GrooveAlly: The Plugin That Makes A Groove Infusionsoft Integration Possible

groove infusionsoft integration

Today, we're really excited to offer GrooveAlly, the plugin that creates a Groove Infusionsoft integration, ready for you to use in your business.

It's totally free of charge and available to anyone who needs it.

Why We Built GrooveAlly

We love using Groove here at AccessAlly for our customer service needs.

Not only is it quick to load, which allows us to get back to our customers quicker, but it also has the ability to integrate with our CRM of choice: Infusionsoft.

…which brings us to the good news…

We created GrooveAlly to provide the Groove Infusionsoft integration we wanted to streamline our customer service process. It's been a lifesaver in our business, and we're really looking forward to sharing this piece of software with anyone who needs it.

groove infusionsoft integration

GrooveAlly is now available to download from the WordPress Repository

How This Groove Infusionsoft Integration Can Make Your Customer Service Flow Easier:

At AccessAlly, we have a large audience, and rely on Infusionsoft tags to keep track of who has access to our various products and services.

When customers reach out to us, it's nice to know immediately what they have access to, without having to take an extra step and dig through Infusionsoft.

…and that's when the irreplaceable Robin Li coded up the super sleek API integration that connects Groove and Infusionsoft.

Now, whenever someone sends us an email, we can see exactly which tags they have. There's also a link that goes directly to their Infusionsoft profile that helps out immensely when we have to dig a little deeper.

Groove Infusionsoft Integration

This Groove-Infusionsoft integration has saved our team an immeasurable amount of time by eliminating much of the search time associated with product-related questions.

With the integration, answering questions is so much simpler….and we have a much easier time connecting them with other services that might be a good fit.

All without spending previous time trying to figure out who they are and what they've already purchased from us.

The Plugin Setup Is Simple

Step 1: Install Plugin

The first step is to download the GrooveAlly plugin and install it on your WordPress site. Once installed, you will add in the API for both Groove and Infusionsoft. (If you aren't sure where to find this, check out our setup tutorial here!)

Groove Infusionsoft Integration


Step 2: Set Up The Groove Custom Profile

Groove comes equipped with the potential for third-party integrations through the custom profile app, which is what allows you to display the additional information on the customer's profile inside Groove.

We provide you with the coding you need to plug into the custom profile, including:

  • The HTML code
  • The webhook URL

Step 3: Double Check That Everything's Working By Testing An Email!

Once you've completed Steps 1 & 2, you should be good to go! Test out an email in the Groove settings to ensure that the information is pulling properly….then sit back and watch as your customer service team is totally tranformed and inspired in front of your eyes.

Although we do not offer tech support for this plugin, we do have a step-by-step setup tutorial for you to use when getting started: GrooveAlly Tutorial.

Finally Groove Infusionsoft Integration Is Here!

You'll love this plugin.

It's free.

It's time-saving.

And your team will love you even more than they already do… if that's even possible.

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