12 Different Things You Can Do with Smart Content Syncing For Membership Sites

smart content syncing membership sites
Smart content syncing is what happens when two pieces of software integrate…really integrate.

It happens when your membership site and CRM are both able to send to and receive data from the the other on a complex level.

This can really open a lot of doors for you to impress your customers and make their interactions with a lot more positive and straightforward.

Examples of Smart Content Syncing

We've put a lot of time into developing software that takes advantage of the neary limitless opportunities that come with smart content syncing. In our mind, what's the use of investing in a robust system like Infusionsoft or Ontraport, for example, if you can't really take advantage of their capabilities.

But it's a lot cooler than that.

Here are 12 different things that the doors of smart content syncing for membership sites opens up for you when you're using the right tools.

12 Different Ways To Integrate Smart Content Syncing In Your Membership Site

1. Create Unique Login Information Automatically Upon Purchase

This is one of the more basic uses of smart content syncing, and kind of a no-brainer that we might take for granted.

Someone purchases access to your membership site, and immediately receives and email with login information allowing them to view the content.

It's kind of a necessary feature to have if you're making even a small volume of sales from your membership site.

2. Allow Users To Reset Their Own Passwords

This one might also seem pretty obvious, because we're used to the e-commerce membership site giants like Amazon and eBay.

But not all membership sites have the capability of communicating with your CRM to ensure a prompt, timely, automated password reset for your members.

3. 1-Click Upsells Grant Immediate Access To Content

With smart content syncing, your 1-click upsells can immediately grant access to new course material, giving buyers even more incentive. It's a powerful way to take advantage of that quick impulse to buy.

By presenting quality content each time, you can be certain that your clients won't think twice about whether or not they should add that last item to the shopping cart!

4. Encourage Users to Finish Course Content

One of the most frustrating things about running a membership course is the fact that a lot of students simply drop off the face of the earth. They might only log in once or twice, and never quite manage to complete the full course.

Since you can be pretty sure they're not receiving any value from superficial interaction either, it's worth using smart content syncing to encourage users to finish their course content. Not only will this help them to make the most of the money they've invested in your membership site, but it will also add to your numbers of happy customers…which is always a goal!

Learn more about this strategy on the ConvertKit blog.

5. Congratulate Users When They've Completed A Course

smart content syncing

If you're going to use your two-way integration to motivate people to finish a course, you might as well use it to congratulate them when they've actually finished the work!

If your membership site properly integrates with your CRM/email marketing software – and if that software has a more robust automation capability – it should be fairly easy to automate a quick, sincere “Great job!!” email when a member has put the effort into completing one of your courses.

6. Offer Specialized Follow-ups Based on Users' Actions

Go above and beyond the basics in terms of following up on your clients. If someone's taken advantage of an upsell, visited a specific sales page, or has otherwise indicated that they're interested in your offers, you can create a customized sequence to encourage and help them out.


  1. User visits the sales page for your “Email Marketing 101” Course
  2. 15 minutes later, they receive an email with links to more resourses
  3. A day later, you send them a limited time offer to purchase the Email Marketing 101 Course for 50% off

…Or you can do whatever you want. The point is that, when your two main tools can communicate with each other, you really can enhance the experience of your customers.

7. Unlock course modules based on user's Progress

Drip-fed courses are a great way to present a large amount of course material without overwhelming your clients. One way to step it up is by making sure that the next module isn't released until the user has checked off all the objectives from the previous lesson.

Because let's face it: sometimes, we're just sloppy learners and don't necessarily take the time to watch the whole video or download the PDF worksheet for the course. Sometimes we just need to remember that it's not worth moving on to Lesson 2 until we've really soaked in everything from Lesson 1.

8. Require Students To Receive A Passing Grade On Test Before Next Course Is Unlocked

Speaking of stepping it up, what if you decided to withhold that next module until the student received a passing grade on the quiz for the previous lesson?

It's definitely a great way to make sure that students are mastering the foundations before jumping ahead to the more advanced material at the end of the course.

9. Run An In-Site Contest For Affiliates

Affiliates can be a big part of a membership site, helping you to reach new audiences that you wouldn't otherwise have access to.

Take time to give credit where credit is due and display an affiliate leaderboard that shows the most sales or revenue gained within a specified timeframe. It's a great way to add introduce some fun competition into your affiliate members area.

10. Use an In-site Currency

If you're a gamer, you're probably familiar with the idea of using in-site currency to make purchases. Well the good news is that you can add this feature to your membership site, as well!

While you'll need a system like Infusionsoft or Ontraport (and a membership site platform with a high level of two-way integration) to add this feature, it's definitely do-able!

gamification examples in marketing

By completing course content and interacting with your membership site material, members can earn and accumulate your site currency. Once they've saved up enough, they can use it to “purchase” access to even more awesome material within your membership site.


11. Revoke Access Automatically If Recurring Payment Fails

Seriously, what a hassle! A lot of our membership sites use the paid subscription model to allow people to subscribe to course content on a monthly or yearly basis.

However, it happens (a lot) that the recurring payment processing fails for a number of your users. In this case, smart content syncing can really come to your rescue by automatically revoking access to your course content when the subscription payment is overdue.

It saves a lot of manual work and helps you to make sure that the only people who can use your membership site materials are those who have paid for it!

12. Show the first half of a page to everyone, with tailored information specific to each user on the second half

This takes personalization to a whole new level. By offering general course material on the top half of the page, you're able to ensure that everyone's receiving the fundamental basics. The additional personalization can help you offer personalized instruction, encouragement, or further reference links that your membership site users will really appreciate.

Note: you can make it happen by using the private notes feature in our AccessAlly Pro plugin.

How To Make Smart Content Syncing a Part of Your Membership Site

In terms of making smart content syncing a reality for your membership site, you're really only limited by (a) the tools you use, and (b) your imagination.

The good news is that you don't have to break the bank to find the right tech tools to use. A robust CRM/email marketing platform like Infusionsoft, Ontraport, or ActiveCampaign has the potential to offer any of the 12 examples listed above…provided your membership site platform is also capable of two-way integration.

We think it's important, which is why we've created tools like AccessAlly Pro with a high-level of smart content syncing in mind.

But that's just our side of things – we'd love to hear what your thoughts are on smart content syncing and its potential.

Please share in the comments below :)

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