If you’re looking to grow your business using a simple but strategic approach to technology, Brittany can help.

Brittany is the CEO of Scoop Industries, a marketing agency focused on serving online and services-based businesses build a sustainable foundation for success.

Brittany and her team have been using AccessAlly since its beta release in late 2014 and have helped dozens of people get started with this powerful membership site solution.

A bonafide tech nerd, Brittany has strong roots in sales automation, marketing strategy and consumer/media psychology. In addition to being an AccessAlly Certified Partner, Brittany is also an Infusionsoft Certified Partner, a Certified ConvertKit Expert and a Certified Fascinate Advisor.

When she’s not geeking out you can find her walking the river in smalltown Indiana with her husband and dog, Preston or doing her daily handstand.

A Long-Lived Passion for Technology and Marketing

Brittany’s career history is a bold testament to her passion for marketing and technology.

Ever since she graduated college, Brittany found herself in many different marketing roles – from giant corporations to smaller online yoga businesses.

“One thing I really enjoyed [about the corporate world] was the structure and intellectual marketing mindset,” shares Brittany.

“And that’s one of the reasons why I really love where I’m at now: because I can be the marketing tech nerd, and then turn around and share my experience and mentor clients.”

sustainable marketing strategies

A Healthy Dose Of Reality … and Marketing Wisdom (“Giving It Like It Is”)

The mentorship that Scoop Industries offers stands out prominently from your typical marketing agency.

“There’s a lot that isn’t true out there that’s being touted as “fact” when it comes to digital marketing,” notes Brittany. “So one of the things that we stand for is reality. And by this, I mean a big heaping dose of truth in terms of digital marketing.

This dose of truth is something that a lot of us might not want to hear… but that is important to listen to when you’re really serious about the future of your business.

sustainable marketing strategies

“We work a lot with dispelling false expectations… like a popular one right now claims that you can run your business when you’re at the beach.”

Although it’s definitely possible to get to that point, the reality is that building a sustainable business is hard work.

“We work with a lot of clients who have a plan, and we are helping them to make it a reality. But we’re also realistic when other (get rich quick) marketers aren’t,” she shares.

Bringing Clarity About the Bigger Picture of Marketing

This commitment to being blunt about the (sometimes harsh) reality of online business is refreshing… and something their clients often haven’t heard from anyone before.

Brittany laughs, “There are all these ads and blog posts that tell the world: Oh you can do this, it worked for me!… and it might be true, but it’s not the whole picture. So we help them think through all of the pieces that go through running a business – funnels, membership sites, etc.”

She thinks for a minute, then adds, “We hang our hat on being practical and giving it to them straight, even though it might not be what they wanted to hear.

sustainable marketing strategies with scoop industries

But ultimately, Brittany shares that this “dose of reality” drastically improves the relationship they’re able to build with their clients… a relationship without crazy expectations or empty promises.

“Of course we have great success stories with our clients,” Brittany says, “but we what we prefer to talk a lot about and focus on is the sustainability of your business.”

When asked to clarify this idea of sustainability, Brittany simply said: “I want to be doing this 10 years from now.”

The Experienced Team You Can Count On For Sustainable Marketing

Scoop Industries is definitely a powerhouse of information and ability… and is made up of a strong and capable team.

Brittany is quick to point out that her company isn’t a show of “Hey, it’s Brittany and I’m available to solve all your problems.”

Instead, it’s very much a team effort.

And with over 25 years of combined experience, each team member is extremely capable and adept at what they do.

sustainable marketing strategies

“If one of us is on vacation or has to take time off for an emergency, nothing in your business is going to suffer,” Brittany points out.

The pride in her voice is clear.

“For our customers, this means that we’re safe. We’re not going anywhere.”

This experience also means that Scoop Industries offers additional insight for their clients into which strategies actually have longevity.

Strategy First, Tech Tools Follow

One of the things I absolutely loved about chatting with Brittany is her honest commitment to building the right foundation for her clients, and pairing that with the tech tools they need to make it a reality.

“My favorite tool [from AccessAlly], is definitely the AccessAlly membership plugin – hands down!” says Brittany.

“I’ve been working with Infusionsoft for many years now, and it’s one of the few plugins that really integrates with it and is user-friendly. Especially now, with the order forms, products, offers, and all of that good stuff… it’s just hands down my favorite.”

But her excitement for technology doesn’t take away from her commitment to the future of her client’s business.

“As much as we love our tech tools,” reveals Brittany, “we’re very much committed to the right strategy for each client. Because you might have the best tools money can buy, but if your strategy isn’t solid first, it’s not going to work.”

This is something that she emphasized repeatedly throughout our conversation: building a sustainable marketing strategy comes first.

…Do You Want To Be Around In 10 Years?

“You know, I actually don’t identify with the term ‘lifestyle entrepreneur’,” reveals Brittany. “Life as an entrepreneur takes patience – it’s a marathon!”

She continues, “One thing I realized is that you don’t have to get it all done today. It will be there tomorrow.”

Her mentality contrasts (refreshingly) with a lot of the do or die philosophies out there.

“I have to take time for myself, because I DO want to still be running my business in 10 years. So I have to set it all up so I can be ambitious and achieve goals while being what I like to call reasonable… I want to have my weekends off!”

It’s a mindset that continues to attract a wide variety of business owners who are serious about running a successful business… and want to find a way to maintain a thriving company without losing their soul in the process.


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