Wrestling with Capitalism

Many people who start companies do so because they want to change the world. But the ups and downs of entrepreneurship make for some stressful times, and tough decisions sometimes.

I believe that selling your business is almost always a bad idea for both entrepreneurs and customers alike. (There, I said it.)

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If you sell your company, you’ll often find yourself working with an equity firm, competitors, or other people who don’t share your vision of how the product should be used by real users.

But if we ignore this urge to cash out, then we might end up like many successful founders – unable to pay our bills or give ourselves raises!

We need another option! This video explains why AccessAlly is not for sale right now (and maybe never will be), and what we’re doing instead to solve these problems in our industry.

Deciding when to sell your business (if at all) and having the right entrepreneurial mindset is key to making it as a business owner and founder.

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