If you’re looking for the perfect business for introverts… you know that as an introvert, you have certain advantages and disadvantages.

You have…

  • The ability to focus and get stuff done on your own
  • A rich inner world full of creative ideas
  • Empathy in spades.

But what you might not know is how to turn these gifts into a viable business model that makes the most of your strengths.

That’s exactly what we’ll be talking about today, and we’re going to look at how one mega-successful female entrepreneur and acclaimed introvert has made millions of dollars with this revenue model.

Meet Denise Duffield-Thomas,
Money Mindset Mentor

Fair warning: if you’re not familiar with Denise Duffield-Thomas yet, you’re about to fall head over heels for her.

Her tell-it-like-it-is style is refreshing, and she makes no bones about being a contributor to the money conversation and not an all-knowing guru.

Entrepreneurship for introverts

I’ve known Denise personally since 2012, where we met at Marie Forleo’s last big 3-day event in New York City.

We had both been students in Marie’s B-School program, and Denise flew all the way from her home in Australia to attend the event.

I clearly remember Denise getting up to the microphone to ask Marie a question in front of the whole audience… and feeling my own pulse race.

You see, I’m an introvert myself – which is why I was initially attracted to starting an online business.

Little did I know that I’d be doing more in-person events, and even hosting my own.

But back to Denise: she was so confident, asked a great question, and I wanted to get to know her better.

Enter Denise’s Money Bootcamp Program

Best business for introverts

Just a few weeks later, Denise was re-launching her Money Bootcamp program.

I had just moved to Brooklyn, New York and finances were still a bit wobbly after putting down a deposit for our apartment and all of the regular income fluctuations that come from disrupted work schedules.

I remember getting the email about her program, and hesitating – would this help me earn more and keep more of my money? Would it be another program that I'd lose interest in?

Down to the wire, I signed up just minutes before registration closed… and never looked back.

Denise put together one of the most transformative money training programs I have ever participated in, and my money story is totally different now.

And the best part?

Denise was able to provide this truly life-changing program, all the way from Australia and impact thousands of women all over the globe.

So that brings me to…

The Perfect Business for Introverts: Online Courses and Memberships

Introvert female entrepreneurs

You may already be familiar with the concept of online learning (technically, you’re doing it right now by reading this!) – and it’s a growing field.

Building online courses and selling them is the perfect business model for introverts like myself and Denise, because it allows you to put all of your best material together in an on-demand format.

Now that doesn’t mean that you’ll always be hanging out behind your computer.

On the contrary, even introverts make great public speakers and Denise recently completed a 5 city speaking tour in the USA. Here’s a photo of us at an internet marketing party event, where she was the headliner.

But leveraging the web means you can write or record your best ideas and share them with the world at large.

Denise later shared with her community that she forces herself to ask a question publicly when she attends events, so she can get outside her introverted comfort zone. It also helps her meet people!

Now let’s talk about what it takes to build an online course business, and how Denise has done it.

Selling Books, Online Courses, and Launching It All Successfully

Introverts in business

Building an online business takes time.

The first time that Denise launched her Money Bootcamp, she had a handful of participants. But she kept at it, and with each round of the program, there were more students.

Denise eventually published several best-selling books, with her third one on the way through Hay House publishers.

These act as a great “first taste” for anyone who is curious about her style, and as Denise is fond of saying: all roads lead to the Money Bootcamp.

Along the way, Denise started to earn more from her courses, and she was able to have her husband Mark come on board full-time into the business.

And because of the nature of the online teaching model, they’ve been able to start their family while balancing work and life – and they’re expecting baby number three soon!

I recently had a chance to sit down with Denise and ask her about the tech tools that had a big impact on the growth of her online programs.

Here’s what she had to say.

Start Selling Online Courses Or Figure Out The Tech Stuff?

One thing that I love about Denise is that she knew she had to invest in the technical aspects of her business, in order to start selling and making money online.

She decided to go with Infusionsoft as her automation marketing platform to take payments, and CustomerHub as her course platform.

But a few years into using this setup, she knew she needed a more flexible and dynamic solution for delivering the course that would be in alignment with her evolving branding and business.

That’s why she decided to migrate her existing members and Money Bootcamp from CustomerHub to AccessAlly.

Introverted women entrepreneurs

Denise shared that: “With AccessAlly I have the ability to create the user experience I want for everyone that goes through the course and I have the confidence in the system that it will work for the community as we grow and continue to deliver the course to more and more students.”

Since making that move in 2015…

“The Money Bootcamp community has more than tripled since we started using AccessAlly. We're now at over 4,500 Bootcamp members plus a further 500+ using AccessAlly to access our new Sacred Money Archetypes course.” Said Denise.

In effect, Denise was able to get going with the tools at her disposal and then re-invest into her business systems to match the vision she had for her online courses.

This strategy worked out great for her, and in 2017 alone Denise’s business generated over 3 million dollars in revenue, largely through selling online programs.

Migrating to AccessAlly: What Denise’s Design and Development Team Had To Say

It’s great to look at the business results from making a move like this, but if you’re not a developer yourself… or you plan to hire someone to help you make tech moves that will lead to more sales, it helps to hear it from someone who has done these transitions before.

Denise worked with an AccessAlly® Certified Partner to do her initial AccessAlly transition and set up, Brittany Becher from Scoop Industries.

Making this migration from CustomerHub to AccessAlly, Denise shared that:

“This was one of the smoothest transitions technically as well. The integration between Infusionsoft and AccessAlly was as detailed as we needed it, and also worked smoothly as we added thousands of members to the new site.”

Denise brought her designer Ellissa Jayne, also an AccessAlly® Certified Partner, on board to bring in the new branding to her membership site.

Here’s what Ellissa had to say about working with Denise:

Successful entrepreneurs

“It has been so great to be involved in the evolution of Denise’s brand and body of work for the past couple of years. Denise and her team have been a dream to work with.

At the beginning of the project we were working with just her flagship course, The Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp, but since then we've been able to incorporate multiple courses on the same platform, as well as a really pretty affiliate centre.

I can't say enough good things about AccessAlly. The freedom it has allowed us from a custom design perspective is just incredible.

In the past it's been a complete nightmare trying to work with other WordPress LMS plugins which have proved limited in design capabilities and extremely restricted in terms of CRM integration.

We can create our own custom designs and integrate it with the plugin so it has a really (really!) robust foundation behind the scenes.

Using AccessAlly has completely opened up our creative possibilities, making sure that we are able to create really WOW online learning experiences for students. I seriously love AccessAlly.

Most online education providers these days want to offer multiple programs (even if they don't know it when they are just starting out).

With AccessAlly this is completely doable, and depending on how you have set up your platform in the first place, doesn't involve a complete redevelopment.

Compared to other LMS options, AccessAlly involves more of an investment, to begin with, but you easily save thousands in the future by having that initial integration with your email CRM from day one.

Entrepreurship for introverts

Another important point in Denise’s case was the ability to add on an affiliate partner area.

Having a great looking program is important, but the ability to market and grow your business is equally important too.

With AccessAlly we can create custom affiliate centers so the brand experience is carried through, while leveraging the capabilities of the CRM's. It's just incredible.”

The Biggest Benefit Of Using a Learning Management System That’s Designed for Marketers

You just read what Ellissa Jayne and her team liked as a designer and developer of online course websites… it gave her the flexibility she needed as a programmer, and the ability to brand the site from end to end.

But what was the biggest benefit for Denise and her students?

“One of the biggest benefits we’ve seen from having the ability to set up the dashboard area is an increase in customer satisfaction with the courses.

As with many other courses, Money Bootcamp comes with a few bonuses…

Online courses lms

With the dashboard we’ve been able to make those bonuses easy to find and that enhances our customer experience as they work through the materials.

And, because we offer lifetime access to the course it also makes it easy for people to pop back in whenever they like and to be able to locate what they’re looking for with ease.

The AccessAlly dashboard has also increased sales while helping improve the customer experience.

Our existing customers were amazed by the new site, the ease of navigation, and the updated layout!

It was a little like Christmas morning when you get to open a new present that turned out better than you could have ever expected.”

Lessons From a Multi-Million Dollar Course Creator

Denise shares a lot of her experience around eliminating money blocks and building a successful business on her blog, answering the question “Can introverts succeed in business?” with a resounding yes!

Can introverts succeed in business

But I thought it would be great to ask her specifically what she’s learned about setting up a course for long-term growth.

Now that the Money Bootcamp has over 4,500 graduates and has gone through several iterations and upgrades over the years…

Denise shares:

Discover the perfect business model for introverts. Hint: it has to do with the internet, and it may not be as out of reach as you think! #onlinemarketing #introverts #businessadvice #digitalstrategy

“The biggest thing we’ve learned from redesigning membership sites is that it can be beautiful and simple… We’re often tempted to keep adding to the site design. To add extras, more details, and to build in complexity.

What we’ve learned is that those are not always the components that add the most to the student value and experience.

When we keep it simple and easy for students to find what they need in the site, to navigate through the course, and to engage with the content it’s a big win for everyone.”

So there you have it!

Your membership and course website doesn’t need to be complicated to deliver great results for your students.

Take a Deeper Dive Into Denise’s Work and World

If you enjoyed taking a look at the business model that has helped this fellow introvert build a gorgeous business for herself and her growing family…

And you want to know more about Denise, her work with women and money, then head over to her site here. As a fellow introverted business owner, and I know you'll love both her free and paid content.

I’m honored that Denise chose AccessAlly as her course platform.

I know you’ll love Denise’s transformative work just as much as I do, and I can’t wait to see what online courses you create (and what income plateaus you bust through!).

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