In today’s case study, we’re going to take a look at how college instructor, Eddie Faria, took his expertise online to create the digital classroom Game Arts Academy.

With this digital classroom, Eddie is helping his students increase their hirability in the gaming industry and reduce the amount of life-crippling debt that's inherent with a more "traditional" education format.

Game Arts Academy for Digital Arts Students

Founded by successful gaming developer, Eddie Faria, Game Arts Academy is an online digital arts school. It's mission is to make world-class game art education affordable and accessible to 10,000+ students so that $250,000,000 of life-ruining student loan debt is never created.

With a highly successful career as a 3D animation professional (and a gaming arts instructor at the university level), Eddie saw quickly that there was a serious gap between the skills acquired at the college level and the professional grade portfolio pieces that are required to land a job in the gaming industry. The realization led to Eddie's work with what has now become the membership site and suite of online courses available today at Game Arts Academy.

Game Arts Academy is a multi-tiered membership site, for video game design students to learn highly in-demand skills in their industry to develop professional grade portfolio pieces.

When we sat down to chat, Eddie shared his analysis of the current education-job conflict:

“In order for our students to be successful in this highly competitive field they not only need to understand the tools but also develop good character traits that will help them achieve their goals.”

In addition to the technical training courses within the membership, Game Arts Academy has harnessed the power of AccessAlly and their marketing automation system, Ontraport, to recreate the in-person classroom experience to help develop what they refer to as “inner-game” skills inside their membership site. (These inner game skills include courage, perseverance, anti-fragility, mental firmness, and resiliency.)

"It is extremely difficult to work on a portfolio piece at home by yourself, so we provide students with a community and regular feedback organized within our membership site community so they don't feel like they are in it alone.”

Powerful Technology to Power the Classroom

When Eddie Faria first started working on the Game Arts Academy, the live format (which consisted of live video trainings and ongoing Zoom support calls) required a lot of hand holding and 1-1 time.

But the success that students experienced after enrolling meant that Eddie was onto something. The bootcamps validated his goal of creating a viable business that could truly make an impact in the lives of his students. With the capital infusion from the bootcamps, Eddie was ready to focus on a formal membership site setup so he could begin earning recurring revenue from his expertise and free up his time to focus on growing his online business.

So after running two successful bootcamps, Eddie took some time to build out a more automated learning experience with AccessAlly and Ontraport.

The result:

"Now we can help more students and be more hands-off. The student experience - especially the lessons - are more self-directed, which frees us up to work on other areas of our business and grow."

Designing a Digital Academy for Designers

Let’s take a look at each corner of GameArts.Academy throughout the customer journey to see how Eddie and his team have leveraged AccessAlly to create the classroom experience in the online world.

A Contextual Overview of What a Full Gaming Arts Education Entails

online recurring revenue for 3d game artists

With an interactive dashboard layout, Eddie is able to give students a visual overview of what they need to be willing to commit to learning and mastering as they work their way through the academy.

Currently, all of the available courses within the membership site are categorized by skill level. (Sneak peek: Eddie shared that, as their business continues to grow and additional courses are created, he plans on adding additional dashboards so that classes will be organized by category.)

Pro tip: This setup is ideal when you have a large number of courses. They can be grouped together to make it easier for your members to locate the content most applicable to them.

Onboarding Experience

Upon enrollment, each student is taken through a series of introductory onboarding videos.

They have access to a tutorial that provides a walk-through of the membership site so they know how to navigate through each course.

recurring revenue with online course

They are also guided through short trainings designed to help them make the most of the program by setting them up for success with good work-life habits and work productivity strategies so they become better employees when entering the gaming industry.

Keeping Track of Progress with Visual Aids & Homework Submission Requirements

Each individual course keeps track of the progress each student makes throughout the course material, and only allows students to continue to more advanced modules when the previous ones are completed. This helps keep students on track to help them complete all steps of the training at the right time.

recurring revenue with online course for game artists

Upon completion of each module, students are required to complete a homework assignment so to showcase what they’ve learned.

This strategy helps increase retention of the material and provides a hands-on learning experience for each student.

Students can self-assess their abilities (and career plans) with quizzes

Students also have the opportunity to complete various personality based quizzes as part of their membership to help guide them into the area of game development that’s best suited for each individual based on their responses.

How to create recurring revenue with online courses

The Opportunity for Recurring Revenue With Online Courses

From this case study we’ve been able to go behind the scenes and take a look at the process a college instructor took to take his offline expertise and knowledge to build a world-class gaming arts program online.

Here at AccessAlly, we believe that each and every one of us has our own unique talents and gifts to share with the world and we’re committed to helping you create a recurring revenue stream to support the life you want through online courses and membership sites.

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Eddie Faria

Eddie Faria

3D Animation Professional & Educator

“With AccessAlly, the student experience - especially the lessons - are more self-directed, which frees us up to work on other areas of our business and grow. Thanks for building such a great product to make it happen.”

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