One of the perks of designing software is that you get to see how other people come up with creative ways to use it. That’s why I’m so excited to be sharing this successful membership site case study, for Kathryn Hocking’s E-Course Launch Formula program.

Let’s take a look at Kathryn’s membership site, and how she’s been able to create an incredible foundation for the growth of her e-courses for years to come.

Consistent Branding From Sales Page To E-Course Members Area

One of the things Kathryn did from the start was figure out her company’s branding, style guidelines, and ongoing themes… and then she stuck to them from her pre-launch content, her sales page, emails, and all the way to her course members area.

E-course launch formula

This creates an incredibly consistent high class experience for a visitor, and it definitely encourages trust through professionalism.

You’ll see that Kathryn’s program, the E-Course Launch Formula is ideal for women entrepreneurs who want to leverage their time from a 1–1 service model into a 1-to-many teaching model. This is something that I firmly stand behind as both an affiliate partner of Kathryn’s, and as a business owner who has created training programs that don’t require my 1–1 attention in the way that a service does.

Investing In Design Pays Off When Building A Successful Membership Site

Now one thing I want to mention is that Kathryn did not use one of our free AccessAlly design templates in her members area design. This is what makes her site so unique, and if your business at a stage where it makes sense to hire a designer to help you create your digital branding, then you can expect a fully customized site like Kathryn’s.

In Kathryn’s case, she worked with Ellissa Jayne, a branding specialist whose tagline is “For Brands That Dare”. You can tell that their collaboration was full of great ideas and that they’re on the same wavelength.

Investing in design and technical implementation meant that Kathryn was able to focus on her zone of genius (creating and marketing her E-Courses!) while Ellissa took care of the website details.

Membership Site Design

Why Use AccessAlly For Infusionsoft?

When I asked Kathryn what made her choose AccessAlly for her Infusionsoft membership site, this is what she had to say:

"When I was planning a complete rebrand of my program the E-Course Launch Formula I looked at pretty much everything on the market as I had some very specific needs. The reason I chose AccessAlly was because it integrates seamlessly with Infusionsoft, has some awesome learning management functionality like checklists and also has the potential to become a membership hub for my business with multiple programs in the one place.

I’ve used other Infusionsoft specific platforms but this really is the best on the market. I am so glad that I picked AccessAlly and my students are over the moon at what it offers for their learning experience."

With AccessAlly, You Can Add On Even More Functionality

One of the things Kathryn realized her students were looking for, was to connect with other course participants… Especially with potential affiliate partners and content contributors.

So she was able to work with her team of developers to successfully add a great membership directory for her students to find and connect with potential affiliates and contributors for their e-Course.

Successful membership site directory

This kind of adaptability and flexibility is baked into the WordPress platform, and it shows that AccessAlly plays well with other WordPress plugins and tools out there. It also shows that with AccessAlly, your imagination really is in charge of what user experience you can create for your customers!

Note: As of 2016, AccessAlly includes a membership it's all wrapped up in one easy package! Learn more here.

Now let’s take a walk through Kathryn’s AccessAlly members area, and see all the great detailed touches that make it so special:

From The Customized Login Page…

The first place a customer might run into issues after they purchase is the login page. In AccessAlly’s case, if you’ve forgotten your password it’s just a quick click on the “Lost your password?” link and you’re able to reset things yourself.

Membership Site Login Example

In other Infusionsoft membership plugins, you might need to email the company in question to have them reset your password manually… which is both archaic and does not create a great first impression!

You’ll see that Kathryn’s photo and beautiful design greets you at the login page, and whisks you into her training area!

The At-A-Glance Dashboard Is Key In Any Successful Membership Site

Having a single place where a course participant can go to see all of the course materials is key to a great learning experience. In this case, this course dashboard is colorful, cheerful, and pleasing to the eye.

Successful Membership Site Dashboard

There’s also a little welcome screen that greets first time course participants with a welcome video, explaining what people can expect. There’s also more information about the team, how to navigate the site, and a link to the program calendar, workbook, and guidelines.

This is an incredibly well organized way of welcoming people into a new learning environment, which goes a long way in creating a great user experience.

Each Module Page Has Goals, Videos, Downloads, And Checklists

I’m a big fan of giving people an overview of what they’ll learn in each module, especially if you’re delivering content via video. You don’t want to force people to watch a 20 minute video without telling them what’s in it for them. Kathryn does a great job at setting expectations before the start of each course module.

Then the module is broken down into a few video trainings, followed by downloadable workbooks, worksheets, resources, links, and more.

Membership Site Checklists

With AccessAlly, each of these downloads is protected - that means that a download link can be shared but you’d be asked to login before you could download the file. There are always ways that a malicious student could steal content, but this added level of protection helps you sleep better at night knowing that your members area is secure.

One of my favorite features of AccessAlly is the progress tracking functionality, and Kathryn’s course makes great use of these checklists. At the end of each module, you can tick off the items you got done.

This allows you to see at a glance what kind of progress you’re making throughout the program, and it keeps overwhelm at bay.

Plus, Dedicated Support All Under One Roof

One thing that often happens when someone has a question during a program is that it ends up reaching the wrong channel… Or worse, the learner doesn’t know how to contact the team or course creator so they just keep it to themselves.

Membership Site Support

That’s not ideal for getting ongoing feedback about your programs and courses, and it doesn’t give your audience a voice. In The E-Course Formula’s case, Kathryn makes it super easy to get in touch with her team and even explains who can help with what kind of questions you might be having.

There’s an easy to find “Support” tab on each page, so you’re never left scratching your head wondering how to get in touch.

Will Kathryn's Method work for you?

I feel like a proud parent seeing someone take the AccessAlly software and create something beyond what I had envisioned for it. I’m also a proud affiliate partner of Kathryn’s course, and I never share anything that I don’t personally stand behind or endorse.

Is AccessAlly Right For You?

Now that you’ve seen AccessAlly in full-swing, you might be wondering if this WordPress membership plugin is right for you. The first thing to consider is if you’re using Infusionsoft, Ontraport ActiveCampaign, or ConvertKit - because the plugin is currently only compatible with these four platforms.

The next thing you’ll want to do is check out our all-new AccessAlly program page, to get a feel for the additional features and tools that we didn’t touch upon in this review… and of course you can always email us or leave a comment below with any questions you have about the program!

Thanks for reading this case study, you're on your way to a successful membership site yourself!

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