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Social Media Challenge Ideas: The Full A-Z Guide To Running Your Own Online Challenge

social media challenge ideas

I grew my email list by over 15,000 using this social media challenge idea… and in today’s all-new AccessAlly tell-all post, I show you how you can too.

Many people have seen the popular 30 Day List Building Challenge that we’ve been running for the past few years… some people say it’s the best training on list building, and even better than many paid trainings they’ve purchased.

That warms my heart.

I’ve also noticed that many people who take the challenge decide they want to start their own “many day challenge” around their topic of expertise.

Maybe it’s a self-love challenge, a meditation challenge, a fitness challenge, or even a bust through your blocks challenge.

I’m all for it – and today I’m going to share with you exactly how we created our challenge, and how you can learn from our mistakes along the way… so that your challenge can help you build your email list with engaged participants and potentially help you sell more of your programs and offerings, too.

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6 Critical Adwords Mistakes That Will Eat Your Budget

critical adwords mistakes

This is a contribution by James Grimsley.

Pretty much every online business has either tried Google’s PPC AdWords platform or continues to use it to drive traffic and sales, with varying success.

With the recent changes to ad visibility on Google search results pages, ad placement has seen some dramatic reductions. Gone are the right hand column ads in favour of just four ads at the top of the page (above the fold), and a small handful at the base.

In short, paid ad real estate placement just got even tougher!

To the untrained individual, a Google Adwords campaign can be a horrendously expensive experiment. And with the recent changes mentioned above, the risk of increased overspending on wasted clicks and poorly placed ads are even greater.

Whether you’re new to PPC or consider yourself a veteran, here are 6 tips to help you avoid developing a budget burn rate and critical Adwords mistakes. Continue Reading

How A Mobile Friendly Popup Increases Traffic & Leads

How to test your website's mobile-friendly score to get more organic traffic. #onlinebusiness #mobilefriendly #entrepreneur #womeninbiz

The first time I heard the concept of designing a website for “mobile first” it sounded like a gong in my head…

Yeah! Mobile is where the web is going…

There are so many people reading blogs, checking email, and even buying products on their phones and tables every single day.

But even though mobile-friendliness is kind of old news now (the big roll-out from Google happened in April, 2015), the mobile friendly-ness of your website is still largely left up to you as a website owner.

You can design a website any way you'd like, but if it doesn't resize well to fit the various screen sizes of your mobile visitors, Google is taking note…and your organic reach is being jeopardized.

With the May 2016 update (details from Google here), mobile friendliness continues to maintain a high priority status for all of us online business owners.

Why? Because a significant portion of our audiences are visiting on their phone or tablets.

So, of course, we place a huge priority on the mobile-friendliness of each website component – from sidebars and membership sites to a mobile popup plugin.

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Joint Venture Webinars: How To Find Allies To Promote Your Next Webinar

joint venture webinars

Webinars are amazing: they're a great way to deliver information, to connect with an audience, and even to sell your products and service… And the best part?

When you do a webinar the right way, it can be a huge list builder and create buzz about your brand.

All in all, webinars are a powerful way to market your business online… But if you're only doing webinars on your own, you're missing out on the power of hosting joint venture webinars.

Keep reading to find out how to get started with joint venture webinars, how to find the right allies, and when it's best to go solo depending on your situation.

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10 Ideas For Improving Website Traffic and Engaging Your Audience

improving website traffic

One of the best ways to improve exposure to your brand, is to improve your website traffic. Any time you increase your website traffic, you increase the number of people who see what you have to offer.

That can lead to better opt-in conversions, and more sales, too!

Unfortunately, it's not as easy as designing a fantastic website with relevant content that will delight your readers and keep them coming back for more. You have to draw those readers in to begin with.

These ten tips for improving website traffic will help bring more people to your website than ever before.

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To Get a Dot Com Or Not? How Choosing Your Top Level Domain Affects your Website’s Performance

Get a Dot Com

This is a contribution by Rochelle Dobkins

If you've been thinking of buying a domain name, then you might have asked yourself if you absolutely need to buy a “dot-com”? What if the .com for your idea is already taken?

I like to recommend that if you're buying a new domain, you should get the dot-com, because that's what most people assume when they hear a domain name. But times are changing, and there are a lot more options if your domain name is already taken…
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How To Start Guest Blogging

How To Start Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the best ways to showcase your expertise and get your voice heard.

The idea of guest blogging is a simple one: You write for other online publications to show off your personality and knowledge on a topic.

While the premise behind guest blogging is far from complicated, there are specific steps you should take in order to gain the most from your guest writing endeavors.

Learn how to start guest blogging and kick your content marketing up a notch!

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Tools We Use: Meet Edgar Review For Social Media

Meet Edgar Review

I first heard about the social media management tool “Edgar” back in 2014, when the very first version came out. I've been meaning to write a Meet Edgar review ever since!

The concept was simple: instead of manually scheduling social media posts to go out every day… you simply build up a library of tested social posts that can be scheduled according to your desires.

I wasn’t sure how I’d like it, because I was used to posting most of my social updates live… or having someone on my team schedule them one week at a time.

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7 Steps To Optimize Your Next Blog Post in 7 Minutes Or Less

Have you heard all of the buzz about how the cost per click for paid advertising is steadily on the rise?

We have too and that’s why Search Engine Optimization is becoming more and more important for bloggers and online business owners.

Sometimes Search Engine Optimization can get a bad rap. You may hear the words Search Engine Optimization and immediately conjure up a bunch of scraped content stuffed with artificial sounding keywords.

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