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Membership Sites for Moms: Case Study with Ma Yoga®

membership sites for moms: ma yoga living dashboard

membership sites for moms

“It takes a village to raise a child.”

That's the common line used to acknowledge how challenging (and lonely!) it can be when you're a mom who's trying to raise a child. Unfortunately, many moms (and moms-to-be) simply don’t have access to a kind and caring community to help with the rewarding but challenging task of raising a family.

That's why membership sites for moms are gaining traction.

Membership sites made for moms (and in many cases by them, too) have become increasingly popular in recent years. With services that range from coaching to community networking, these memberships provide the guidance and connections that so many mothers around the world crave.

And it’s no wonder: as schedules grow busier and more hectic, the need for online resources that you can tap into from the comfort of your own home has become a high priority and desperate need for moms around the world.

That’s why we’re so excited to put the spotlight on Ma Yoga®, an amazing online sanctuary for moms and moms-to-be. Continue Reading

CaboPress: The conference that will ruin you for other conferences

Cabopress review

I just got back from gorgeous Cabo San Lucas, Mexico where I spent the week at Chris Lema’s CaboPress conference.

Part mastermind, part vacation, and part WordPress business summit… this was an event unlike all others I’ve been to.

Disclosures: This is my personal CaboPress review, and I'm not an affiliate of CaboPress or being compensated in any way for this review. I do use affiliate links for some of the software plugins I mention.

Let’s dive into my experience, and why you might consider applying the next time Chris runs it.

The right mix of conference participants

My litmus test for a good conference or event is the people in attendance. If I feel like I’m surrounded by people who are going through similar things in their business as I am, then I know I’m going to learn a lot.

The reason CaboPress was such a great fit for me is that Chris Lema personally curates all of the attendees… so it’s a good mix of service providers and product creators.

Plus, with the combination of WordPress, SaaS, and agency businesses there was a ton of opportunity for cross-pollination to help everyone grow.

I felt like each person could contribute and get something in return, which is not always the case for larger events where you’ve got a wider range of business experience.

For me, there were a few familiar faces like Erin Flynn and Brennan Dunn, that I’d met at previous events and loved catching up with. I also got to meet the creators of Beaver Builder and Ninja Forms, which are WordPress tools I personally use and love.

Then there were the amazing folks behind Brainstorm Force (of Astra theme fame!), and the incredible Shannon from Purple Finch Studios who was familiar with AccessAlly but enjoyed getting a more in-depth look.

Sunshine, great food, and no conference rooms

The other thing that makes CaboPress stand out (and that has ruined me for other conferences!) is the location.

The resort is gorgeous, with stunning views and vistas. It’s right by the ocean, and since it’s not the most swimmable area… you’ve got your pick of amazing beachside pools to choose from.

Of course, Chris Lema doesn’t do anything halfway… and this is a 5-star resort with impeccable food and service.

I’m not kidding when I say that we probably ate 5 sit down meals per day (or at least my husband and daughter did!).

Not having to worry about making breakfast, lunch, or dinner was just another way of freeing us up to think about our businesses without the usual daily demands. (Plus, who can say no to fish tacos and pina coladas!?)

But there’s one more thing that sets CaboPress apart… and that’s the actual sessions themselves.

There wasn’t a stuffy conference room in sight: all of the training and mastermind sessions were done in the pool!

Wordpress conference review

Pool side learning and what I’m taking home

I loved being out of my usual element and learning from other businesses in the WordPress ecosystem.

Although we’ve been creating our WordPress LMS plugin and popup plugins for half a decade already… I have mostly been hanging out in the CRM world.

Taking a break from conferences run by companies like Infusionsoft, Ontraport, ActiveCampaign, Drip, and ConvertKit gave me a chance to see things in a different light.

Speaking with business owners who do the work of setting up membership sites for clients, creating courses themselves, and who understand the WordPress world… it was truly inspiring.

Although we didn't talk about things like gender neutral software or membership sites for moms, it was a very inclusive place for both men and women.

I also got to hang out with the guys at LifterLMS, Sandhills Development, and SkyVerge. Even though some of what these companies do overlaps with our own offerings, it was helpful to be in such an open and sharing environment where we could talk business.

Here are some of my biggest take-aways from the event:

  • Allison Fallon shared the brain science behind what makes us more creative when writing and why efficiency and productivity aren’t the key when trying to produce creative work
  • You may need to have a meeting about the meeting (when you have team meetings – this makes a lot of sense!)
  • Facebook ads are constantly changing, but the basic text + image format still outperforms the new options, according to Justin Wise
  • You have to kill your darlings and retire products, to make space for innovation and what’s next
  • WordPress’ Gutenberg is not the end of the world, but we do need to make sure it continues to improve to meet the demands of the marketplace
  • Plus lots of insights on hiring, being on the same page with your team, and anticipating what’s to come in the WordPress ecosystem

Nathalie CaboPress

So there you have it…

That’s a quick summary of my experience at CaboPress 2018. I got to bring my husband and daughter, so for me it was part business and part vacation.

Luckily, the format of the event is very open ended after the morning sessions – if you want to take a nap in the afternoon or spend it with other attendees eating a 3rd meal or talking shop… it’s all good.

If you’re considering CaboPress, trust your gut and submit an application. Chris Lema takes care of his people, and the event felt very welcoming to me as a new attendee, even with half of the attendees being alumni.

Who knows, maybe I’ll be sipping strawberry daiquiris with you in Cabo next year!

P.S. Now that we're a few days out of the conference, I can also add that this has been one of the few conferences where it's been easy to follow up and keep connecting with people I met… because there were only 30-50 of them instead of hundreds or thousands!

How to Sell Corporate Training Programs: A Case Study with Marc Wayshak

AccessAlly Reviews

How to sell corporate training

If you have knowledge and experience to impart to teams and employees, but you’re wondering how to sell corporate training programs…

You’ve come to the right place.

Believe it or not, companies are spending $8 billion per year on corporate training.

You can get a piece of that action.

But you need to know how to sell corporate training programs the right way.

In this case study, we’ll look at how corporate sales training expert Marc Wayshak built a successful training business and how he developed additional revenue streams by adding online training.

Marc’s Advice on How To Sell Corporate Training Programs to Teams

Selling to Corporations With Marc Wayshak

Before we dive into Marc’s sales advice, let’s see why we might want to emulate his strategies and learn from him.

Marc Wayshak is a sales strategist and the bestselling author of Game Plan Selling and Breaking All Barriers.

He created the Game Plan Selling System™, a data-driven and science-based sales methodology that balances both qualitative and quantitative research with proven results in client companies.

Marc’s innovative selling system works for salespeople, entrepreneurs and companies alike. He is a frequent contributor to Inc, HubSpot, Fast Company, and Entrepreneur Magazine. Marc holds an MBA from the University of Oxford and a BA in social sciences from Harvard University.

Plus, he practices what he preaches by having a successful sales training business himself.

Here are some of the key things that Marc recommends to help you sell corporate training programs to teams:

1. Think like a doctor, not a sales person

Many sales people come in with the training solution they want to sell. Instead, Marc recommends thinking like a doctor and diagnosing what a company might need help with.

This way, before presenting a course or solution, you can fully understand the company’s HR and training needs.

2. Disqualify prospects early, and sell to the top

When selling corporate training to teams, you need to realize that not every prospect will be a good fit. That means you can save time and energy by focusing on the right clients, and being willing to let people know if it’s not the right for them.

Similarly, Marc recommends knowing who you’re speaking with. If you’re not speaking with a CEO, Chief Learning Officer or VP of a big organization, you might run into a wall when the non-decision maker can’t move forward with a training purchase.

3. Don’t be attached to the sale

This is a great sales tip, no matter what you’re selling but it applies to selling corporate training too.

Marc’s advice is to remain unattached to the outcome of your sales efforts. When you approach a sales conversation this way, you can give prospects the most honest and useful recommendations, whether that means purchasing your training or not.

This way, you become a trusted advisor instead of a sales person just out to hawk your product.

4. Focus on delivering results first

The Chief Learning Officer doesn’t care about your training, your experience, or your track record.

What they’re looking for is a solution to their problems, and results for their team members.

When you focus on delivering results, the way you deliver a corporate training program isn’t as important.

For example, Marc Wayshak shares that he often gets companies asking him to deliver a sales focused keynote presentation.

But he’s found that after even the best of keynote presentations, employees will go back to doing things the way they always did… within a week’s time.

Instead, Marc recommends an in-depth ongoing training process, which always includes an online training element.

How to sell corporate training online

How Selling Online Corporate Training Programs Can Help You Earn More (Without Working Harder)

If you offer in-person training, then you might be surprised to learn that companies are getting between 50% and 80% of their training needs through online courses.

This doesn’t mean that you need to stop offering in-person training, but rather that adding an online component can do a lot for your business.

Marc has been delivering in-person corporate training to sales teams for many years, but his business changed when he added an online training element.

Marc is able to earn more for the same efforts by having an online corporate training program for teams.

With an 8 week intensive that includes role play, online interaction, and quizzing, Marc’s corporate sales clients are seeing results.

The fundamental difference in how Marc does business changed in 3 ways since adding online sales training to his offerings:

1. Online Corporate Training Reduces Training Travel Costs

According to Marc, for a lot of companies, getting everyone together in one place to do a 3 day sales training is prohibitive.

There are more companies now with virtual teams and employees, so offering online training that is facilitated by the sales leadership is so much easier.

2. Online Courses Allow You To Work With Smaller Teams

Another benefit that Marc found by offering online sales training is that he can work with smaller teams.

For a company with 5 sales people, it would be cost prohibitive for Marc to travel and train them. But now this company can invest a couple thousand dollars and get everyone into world class sales training program, that they wouldn’t have had access to otherwise.

3. A Digital Training Portal Increases Visibility for Team Leadership

Companies want to make sure that when they invest in training, their employees get the training they paid for.

That means having the ability to show employee progress through a team management dashboard, which is done through AccessAlly.

Thanks to his training portal, Marc was able to significantly increase the price of his larger sales training for bigger clients because he can show results to team leadership online.

Corporate Training Member Portal

The Technology To Help You Train Teams Online

When it comes time to choose which technology will allow you to sell your training to companies better, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Some of the key things you’ll want to look for include:

  • Integration with your existing CRM or automation marketing platform
  • Interactive elements like progress tracking, quizzing, certificates of completion, gamification
  • The ability for teams to self-manage their employees, so that you can sell bulk licenses to your courses and online portal

For Marc, AccessAlly handled all of these and more.

In his words:

“AccessAlly has been huge for us. Super easy to use, very professional looking.

In particular, having the quizzing functionality is big because it allows us to show the client whether a sales person is truly participating in the course.

From a learning perspective, it also helps participants to digest what they just learned about.

I’ve learned that it just takes very simple but effective quizzes to get results.

AccessAlly also helps us to drip the content, so we’ve broken up what was a really big course into an 8 week training.

So each week they get a new module. Each module has a homework assignment and exercises to do.

At the end of the 8 weeks, they come out with complete sales training.

Because I’ve been able to sell my membership program to corporations, I’ve added an other 20% in revenue in the past year.”

How to sell corporate training digital

Migrating From CustomerHub to AccessAlly

If you already have some membership-style content hosted somewhere, you might be hesitant to undertake a migration effort to switch to AccessAlly.

For Marc, the decision to leave CustomerHub was a no-brainer.

CustomerHub (by Infusionsoft) was not mobile responsive, and he knew that there had to be another option for his online training program.

According to Marc:

“I had a friend who was using AccessAlly, and after he showed me how it works I saw that it’s a really simple plugin, fully customizable, I have complete ownership of it.

I looked at other companies out there and I couldn’t find anything close to what we needed, and that was available in AccessAlly.

Switching wasn’t that hard. We just had my assistant download the content from CustomerHub and then put it into AccessAlly.

We didn’t have quizzing functionality in CustomerHub, so we created our quizzes directly in AccessAlly.

Since being on AccessAlly, my membership site has tripled in members. The ability to do one-click upsells alone generates 25% of my revenue.

The transition itself wasn’t that hard, it was just labor intensive to copy over the content. Overall pretty simple, because AccessAlly lets you clone pages and just plug in the content.”

Selling online courses with quizzes

Adding Quizzes and Team Management Portals To Deliver Better Training Results

One thing that Marc Wayshak is clear on is that selling isn’t about “making the sale”, it’s about delivering results.

It’s one thing to put together an online training or even an in-person program, and call it a day…

But it’s a whole other thing to really put in the follow-up and follow-through that will get teams to learn and start using your methodologies and training.

That’s why offering a team management portal that gives leaders an overview of their team’s progress is so effective.

It’s also why quizzes and membership portals are worth more to organizations and companies.

AccessAlly makes creating these team management dashboards easy, along with all of the progress tracking and quizzing to help learners stay motivated.

More Tips for How to Sell Training Courses to Companies

Curious about selling your expertise to corporations? Find out how you can get in on the action by learning how to sell corporate training programs (online or off). #onlinelearning #corporatetraining #selltocorporations #digitalmarketing

We covered a lot in this post, but Marc had a few more things to share on how to sell corporate training programs.

He recommends using an online course as an addition to what you’re already selling.

You can easily double the size of any training sale just by including an online training portal.

In today’s world with all of the daily distractions, having access to a training portal is big because employees can do the training on their own time.

Get more advice for selling training courses to companies here:

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