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How to Build an Interactive Membership Site Dashboard That Sells Your Courses By Itself

how to build an interactive membership site dashboard

how to build an interactive membership site dashboard

As course creators, we all want to be rewarded for the work we put into our membership sites… And there's no better way than to see the excitement and sales come in through a cross-selling member dashboard.

Why Build An Interactive Membership Site Dashboard?

Promoting multiple courses to your subscribers can be challenging. There's a danger of over-saturating and under-representing your course material, especially when you want to cross-sell (or up-sell) to those who are already paying clients.

That's where building out an interactive dashboard that automatically cross-sells your products can make a huge impact on revenue and retaining current membership subscribers.

It doesn't matter if you offer one-off sales of online courses (all housed together in the same membership site), or simply use the “level” approach to membership sites… this strategy will work either way. Continue Reading

How to Create A Graded Quiz for Your Online Course in WordPress

Why Create A Graded Quiz for Your Online Course in WordPress?

Online quizzes are such a great way to challenge students of your online courses to really master the course material. Graded quizzes, in particular, are also an accurate way to determine if your course is effective or not.

But it's not just a statistical tool. You can also set up a quiz so that the student must receive a passing grade before they can access the next lesson or course module. Continue Reading

How to Create a Limited-Time Coupon for Your Membership Site

Why Create a Limited-Time Coupon for Your Membership Site?

Limited-Time Coupons for your Membership site are perfect when you need just a little boost in incentive to get people to sign up.

With a specified start and end date, these coupons can be used during a launch window. Or, you might choose to use them during an “abandoned cart” email followup.

By setting up the discounted price as a coupon (instead of a separate order form), you can easily offer unique promotions to your prospective clients – all on the same order form. Continue Reading

How To Add A Credit System To Your WordPress Membership Site

Why add a credit system to your WordPress membership site?

Credit systems are a powerful way to keep your membership subscribers engaged and excited about your material. Credit systems also provide incentive for your members to dive deeper and stick around as loyal, paying fans.

Your subscribers can earn credits by completing tasks, consuming course material, or even sharing your site on social media. Once earned, the credits can be exchanged for access to additional content. Continue Reading

How to Automatically Redirect Visitors to A WordPress Login Page

Why Should You Automatically Redirect Visitors to a WordPress Login Page?

A membership site is a wonderful tool that allows you to restrict access to your website content. When built properly, the only ones who can access this content are those who have purchased a subscription (or, in the case of a free course, opted in).

The good news is that your membership site plugin can take over the task of automatically redirecting visitors to the WordPress login page first, then permit those with the right credentials to move on and explore the site itself. Continue Reading

How To Create a Trial Period For Subscription Programs in WordPress

Why Create a Trial Period For Subscription Programs in WordPress?

It can be challenging to find successful ways to market and sell your subscription programs. Buyers are often hesitant to commit to a recurring payment for a product they aren't sure they'll like.

Sure, you might offer a “30 Day Money Back Guarantee” but that doesn't always win them over. After all, obtaining that “money back” can be a huge hassle and, depending on the company, impossible.

But there's one strategy that can increase the amount of signups, and decrease cancellations. And that's offering an extremely discounted (or free) trial period for subscription programs. Continue Reading

How to Track Course Progress in WordPress (Piecharts, Progress Bars, and More!)

Why Track Course Progress in WordPress?

When you run an online course membership site in WordPress, it can be challenging to keep your students engaged and motivated.

One way to overcome that challenge is by tracking course progress in WordPress with your membership site plugin.

By tracking your students' progress through the online course (and displaying this progress through pie charts or progress bars), you make it easier for them to see how far they've come – and how much work they have left to do.

It's a great way to visually motivate them to stay focused on course content. Continue Reading

How to Create a Custom Login Page for WordPress

Customized login pageIf you're sending people to the default WordPress login page, and you'd like to spice things up then this tutorial will show you exactly how to change the login on WordPress.

Why would you want to use a customized login page on your WordPress site?

  • To keep your branding consistent and improve trust
  • For the upsell possibility, if they aren't a member yet – you can ask them to join
  • To give more information about your site and link to other key sections (like a contact page)

With these goals in mind, let's dive into this tutorial! Continue Reading

How To Create Autologin Links for Your Membership Site On WordPress

Why Create AutoLogin Links For Your Membership Site On WordPress

When you create a membership site on WordPress, your users each receive a unique username and password. Every time they want to view protected content, they must log in using this info.

Logging into a website repeatedly to access content can get tedious. And there are some scenarios where it would be nice to have them automatically logged in to view the content.

That's where creating an autologin link for your membership site on WordPress can come in handy.

Watch the video to find out how!

WordPress Member Directory Plugin: How to Create a Member Directory That’s Searchable

Creating a directory that's either public facing or private to members shouldn't be hard to do on WordPress. Luckily, with the WordPress member directory plugin we're about to showcase you'll see just how to do it.

You can follow this tutorial to create a public directory website, or a private member only directory. You decide!

Learn how to create a member directory that's searchable on WordPress. With a searchable member directory, you can create a socially engaging environment for your membership site users by encouraging each member to customize their own profile and then connect with other members. Continue Reading

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