Are You Looking To Grow Your Web Development, Freelance, or Tech Service Business In a More Leveraged Way?

Being a tech savvy service provider can be a tough gig, with the boom/bust client cycles and the constantly changing tech landscape.

You might be working non-stop and answering client emails at all hours of the night to get a project out the door... or scratching your head and wondering where your next client is going to come from (with expenses piling up!).

The good news is that you don't have to build your business alone, and there are proven ways to leverage your time and expertise as you grow your business so you can earn more money.

It's time for you to step into the leadership role in your business, so you can scale (without working more hours!) and have the impact you want to have for your dream clients.

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Introducing The AccessAlly™ Certified Partner Program

AccessAlly Certification Program

Join Nathalie Lussier and a powerful group of entrepreneurs who are ready to build scalable and profitable businesses in the next 6 months using the momentum of a mastermind program and learning the technical steps and strategic skills to work with incredible clients across the globe.


  • Step-by-step technical training around the topics of list building, launching, and creating membership sites using AccessAlly products, so you can grow your own business and take on lucrative client projects.
  • Access to a group of go-getting entrepreneurs, who share your values, and are here to support you on your journey.
  • Ongoing support, strategic consulting, and accountability to keep you going in the right direction towards building the profitable business you’ve been dreaming of.
  • Business building mentorship and training on how to get more high paying dream clients, ensuring that projects go smoothly, and growing a team if that’s part of your vision.
  • Certification of your tech skills with AccessAlly products, along with a prominent spot on our Recommended Allies page, and referrals.
  • Higher commissions and potential for recurring income when you refer your clients to begin using AccessAlly products.
  • Time away from your routine in rejuvenating retreat locations so you can see the big picture and work on your business instead of in your business, while going home feeling accomplished and rested.
My client base has shifted to more established businesses!

I've only worked for 5 months so far this year, and I've already made more money this year than last.

I've got loads of work in house right now, and have subbed out a couple of small jobs to another developer.

My client base has shifted from DIYers with no money, to more established businesses who place value on their website and have money to invest in it. That's completely thanks for the referrals I'm getting from being an AccessAlly™ Certified Partner!

- Julie Waterhouse,
The Unique AccessAlly™ Certified Partner Process:

We take the word partnership seriously, and we’ve designed the best process for us to work together to achieve your business goals. Once you’re accepted into the AccessAlly™ Certified Partner program, you’ll experience:

1. The Digital Service Business Vision Quest™:
In this one-on-one strategic vision quest call with Nathalie Lussier, you’ll get clear on the direction of your digital business. Together, we’ll map out your direction, goals, and come up with strategies for any obstacles that are currently in your way.
This is time and space dedicated to using your strategic thinking on your own business, so you can finally use your genius to move your business forward.
2. The Business Model Whisperer™ Workshop:

Whether you’ve been operating your web based business for awhile or you’re just getting started, getting clear on your ideal business model is key to improving profitability and feeling accomplished when your head hits the pillow at night.

In this digital workshop, you’ll learn how to discern the best path for your business direction: from a solo service provider, to building a growing digital agency and anywhere along the continuum. You’ll also get best practices for planning and estimating client projects profitably and managing expectations.

3. The Trusted AccessAlly™ Peers Network™:
Once you join the partner program, you’ll be added to our trusted peers group. This gives you access to a network of trusted peers and problem solvers to help you when you get stuck on a technical or client issue.
This network also allows you to collaborate, refer out, and get referrals from other providers if you’re overbooked or aren’t the right provider for a particular client’s needs.
4. The AccessAlly™ Delegation Templates™:

Get access to all of our tools and training, including sample documentation and processes to help you work with clients using the AccessAlly™ product suite. These delegation templates and videos will also help you train your team, and systematize your business so you can work less and delegate more.

These templates and sample processes will shortcut your team’s learning curve, so you can work with clients in a more streamlined and stress-free way… which leads to higher profits, happier clients and team members.

5. The 3-Day AccessAlly™ Advantage Retreat™:
In this 3-day in person retreat, we’ll mastermind on business growth roadblocks specific to freelancers, agency owners, and web professionals. You’ll also gain invaluable hands on implementation training for AccessAlly™ products to save time and serve clients confidently.
This retreat is custom designed to help you move through any obstacles that are currently holding you back, and it’s the time away from your day-to-day work necessary to help you use your strategic thinking on your own business.
6. Get Listed On the AccessAlly™ Certified Partners Page:

As a Certified Partner, we invest in your success by showcasing you on our partners page as an expert in your field. This allows us to refer clients to you that are pre-qualified, and ready to invest in your services.

We’ll work with you to position your unique skills and talents in the best light, so that your ideal clients choose to work with you at your asking price without hesitation!

7. Monthly Digital Service Business Trailblazer Coaching™ Calls:
Building a digital service business on your own can be challenging, so each month we’ll meet online and talk shop. You’ll get hands on coaching to move through any growth spurt issues around raising prices, setting client expectations, hiring and delegating, and team building with operations.
These trailblazer coaching calls keep us all connected and growing together, and you’ll learn from your peers as they move through new hurdles and you blaze new paths online together.
8. The Scale Beyond Services Solution™:

Having worked with many digital service business providers, I understand that you may not want to be offering implementation services as your sole revenue driver forever. With the Scale Boyond Services Solution™, you’ll get access to all of my course creation and launch training programs so you can create your own leveraged info-programs and group offerings.

Plus, you get your own copy of our AccessAlly and ProgressAlly tools, so you can house your own courses and programs and use the Launch It and Profit method to help you design a course that sells.

9. The AccessAlly™ Certified Partner Mastermind Retreat:
Get to know your fellow AccessAlly™ Certified Partners even better, and experience a whole new level of business growth with individual mastermind hot seats. This retreat is designed to help you think differently about your business, and you’ll be led through exercises designed specifically for you.
Mastermind with more established business owners and share your own experiences working with clients, hiring and managing team members, and scaling with more leveraged product offerings. This time away from your business allows you to come back to it with a fresh perspective and more energy to kick butt and reach your goals with ease.
10. Quarterly AccessAlly™ Certified Partner Momentum™ Calls:

After the completion of your certification, you’ll be invited to join us for ongoing quarterly reconnection calls with all of the AccessAlly™ Certified Partners. These are intimate calls where you can share your wins, get support, and keep the momentum going on all of your business building from our time together.

In the last three months I made more $ than I did in the first 9 combined

I've loved being an AccessAlly™ Certified Partner! I made back my investment in the certification within the first few months and I've felt encouraged and supported throughout the time I've been a partner.

In the last three months I made more $ than I did in the first 9 combined. DOUBLE WOW!

Being in this group really helped me own my value and see that I'm really good at what I do. I love the power that I feel when I'm building a website. It just feels good to focus my whole heart on that!

I've also made some big shifts in the way that I package and serve up my offerings that will make a huge difference to my business bottom line.

- Kimberly Gosney,
The Certified Partner Program Is PERFECT For You If...
  • You’re 100% certain that Nathalie, Robin, and their technical training in combination with their strategic consulting style is an excellent fit to help you create the business results and momentum you’re looking for.
  • You’re a no-excuses, take action kind of person.
  • You’re in business to make the world a better place.
  • You’re tech savvy and love learning new technical stuff and staying sharp.
  • You take feedback and direction well.
  • You know the time is now to take action and do what it takes to create the business and life you want for yourself and your family.
The Certified Partner Program Is NOT For You If...
  • You have a tendency to blame outside circumstances for your results, get down on yourself often, or have a negative outlook on life.
  • You can’t keep commitments, or often go back on your word.
  • You don’t want to look at the difficult parts of your life or business, and would rather keep operating on the surface level.
  • You are not open to new experiences, ways of thinking, or different approaches than the ones you’re used to.
  • Investing in this high-level program would be a financial burden for you and your family.
I love what we're doing here for business owners

I just closed the biggest proposal in Zen history to date, and it's made me DOUBLE my best month, and it's made me hit my Yearly Revenue Goal in just 9 months!!!

And MOST importantly, it's shown me the incredible VALUE that I give to clients - the only thing that was different this time was that I matched my pricing to value and got a resounding "YES".

This is one of the most validating personal/business moments I've ever experienced.

- Jamie Dubose,
Applications are currently closed, but...

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What Certified Partners Are Saying About The Program
We more than made our investment back before even being officially certified

As a digital and tech agency we use a variety of platforms with clients everyday and we love how easy it is to weave the AccessAlly products into what we do. The software is great, but what truly sets the AccessAlly™ Certified Partner program apart from other certification programs out there is the level of support from the AccessAlly team, and the other partners are super supportive too.

The insider knowledge that we gained about AccessAlly and ProgressAlly has helped us set our company apart in the marketplace. In turn, I've been able to share my experience with our employees to up-level their understanding and knowledge of these platforms, so we can better serve our clients.

We don’t rely on AccessAlly to provide us with leads (although we certainly appreciate them!), but this program has served as a great foundation for our agency offerings and helps to seal the deal with our own prospects because they value that we're certified partners.

- Brittany Becher, CEO Scoop Industries

Nathalie Doremieux
It's a true blessing to be one of the few selected partners

I'm so glad I joined the AccessAlly™ Certified Partner program. Your programs are top quality and all around making the tech stuff easy which I'm all for!

Your products are so needed and it's a true blessing to be able to be one of the few selected partners.

I love our AccessAlly™ Certified Partners group and I feel I was able to integrate with the group and connect with many of the other partners, too.

Along the way, we let go of clients that were not aligned with what we want to do. All to make room for our ideal clients and partners!

I love how quick and responsive you guys are when we have a problem, that is a huge bonus for me as a developer!

- Nathalie Doremieux,

The best decision I've ever made in my life

Joining the AccessAlly™ Certified Partner program, by far, has been the best decision I've ever made in my life!

I joined without knowing where I was going to get the next payment but I knew in my heart that this was what was going to take my business and my life soaring high. I've felt so much connection with Nathalie Lussier even though I was only following her through her free teachings, because I didn't have the money to buy her products.

I've learned so much on how to run a tech service-based business within just a few short months. The other AccessAlly certified partners were amazing, and we all help each other grow our businesses. Nathalie & Robin really picked just the good ones, a perfect fit for the group!

Three months in to the program, I started to get a gush of consultation appointments. I was able to sign up 5 out of 5 inquiries! From earning $550 for the full previous year, that month I made $5655!

Six months into the program, I quit my 6-Figure Corporate IT job!

A full year forward, I now have a development & strategy team complete with Technical & Operations Managers. We also have 60% of our revenue coming from AccessAlly referrals!

I could not imagine where I would be right now if I didn't join the AccessAlly™ Certified Partner program.

- Charm Fernandez,

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