The AccessAlly Advocate Training Program

Master the AccessAlly platform from A to Z, so you can delight clients now.

Who It's For

If you’re a developer, designer, and/or automation marketing pro, and you want to add AccessAlly to your offerings, this training will get you up to expert level, fast.

Or, you might already support clients with their AccessAlly projects, and you want to take your skills and understanding to the next level.


Deepen your expertise:
Learn how to build fully-automated
online courses & memberships 
that delight your clients.

When you invest in the AccessAlly Advocate Training Program, you'll get the fast-track digital training to deepen your technical expertise.

You'll advance through step-by-step training covering all of the features AccessAlly Pro has to offer, from building drip-release online courses (and their corresponding CRM automations), to learning how the Migration Wizard saves hours of manual work when you're porting an existing membership site over to AccessAlly.

Plus you'll never have to wonder if you've mastered the material: an AccessAlly team member will review your homework each step along the way, so you'll walk away confident in your skills.

The Syllabus

The AccessAlly Advocate Training Program walks you through
every feature available with AccessAlly Pro, including:

Setup & Integration

Learn why your entire site depends on the quality of your AccessAlly-CRM integration, and how to set it up properly in 5 minutes. 

Learning Management System (LMS)

Quizzes, progress tracking, user stats, certificates, and homework - all can be added to any page with AccessAlly Pro's suite of LMS features.

Gamification & Credit Systems

Build a credit system that allows users to gain points for completing course material, and spend them to unlock additional areas in your site.

CRM Automations

Learn how to built CRM automations that are fast, powerful, and control everything in your AccessAlly site, from releasing course material to automatically creating new users for your free course signups.


Build products, subscriptions, upsells, and coupons with AccessAlly's ecommerce solution and built-in order forms. 

Member Directories

Learn how to use the versatile member directory to its maximum potential, for public or private directories that are searchable and sync to the CRM.

Online Courses

Learn the difference between a Standalone and a Stage-Release course, so you can consistently deliver fully-automated courses to your clients.

Affiliate Systems

Establish an enthusiastic affiliate community so you can get the word out about your products, faster. Learn how to set up affiliate tiers, links, and affiliate centers for easy tracking.

Advanced Page Protection

Every single page and element on your AccessAlly site can be shown - or hidden - based on the logged-in user's CRM tags.

... and much more.

"I knew AccessAlly was powerful, but didn't expect THIS kind of power. I just feel like my love for the program was heightened and really feel it can take over so much of my business..."

- an AccessAlly Advocate Program Participant

You'll Walk Away With...

  • Your own AccessAlly project website that you can use to show potential clients what you're capable of  with AccessAlly (you'll get a complimentary sandbox license for AccessAlly Pro worth $990).
  • Between 10-20 hours of hands-on experience setting up AccessAlly from end-to-end, and the support from our team to make sure you've mastered the platform and automations.
  • A coveted spot on our featured Partners page, where you can highlight your expertise and invite people back to your website to hire you.

Your Investment: $1500

(Or 3 payments of $500)

Important: Your investment in the AccessAlly Advocate Training Program is non-refundable, so make sure you're all-in when you sign up. We take your professional development seriously, and will provide guidance along the way, so we need you to be committed, too.

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