ConvertKit Webhook Creator

The easiest way to create unique,
tag-initiated webhooks for ConvertKit.

ConvertKit API connection information
Go to ConvertKit Account Settings to get the API info.
API Secret

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How to Use the ConvertKit Webhook Creator

Step 1: Add Your API Information

Locate your ConvertKit account's API Key and API Secret codes. Copy/paste the codes into the Webhook creator.

Then, click "connect" to reveal additional settings.

Step 2: Select Your Trigger Tag

Since this tool creates a tag-triggered webhook, you'll need to select the tag you wish to use as a trigger from the dropdown.

Please note that this tag will need to be totally unique and not used for any other purpose. Every time it is applied in a ConvertKit automation, it will run the webhook for that user.

Step 3: Add Your Webhook URL

Then, add the webhook URL in the appropriate area. Click "create webhook."

Step 4: Check To Make Sure It Worked

Inside your ConvertKit account, go to Automations > Rules. At the bottom of the list, you should see your new rule.

Note that ConvertKit does not allow you to edit the webhook. If you wish to change it in the future, you must delete it and create a new one.

Why we built this tool

At this time, it is not possible for the average ConvertKit user to create a webhook without tapping into their API.

This can be frustrating, since many software integrations - like our AccessAlly membership plugin - don't just feed information into ConvertKit. They also have the ability to receive webhook commands from it.

Since this is a fairly common need, we decided to make our own ConvertKit Webhook Creator available to the anyone who needs it, free of cost.

Use it as many times as you need - there is no cost, and we do not have access to any of your information.