Frequently Asked Questions

How do I upgrade or downgrade my current subscription?

Any amount you have left on your current subscription will automatically be prorated into the new subscription for you.

Where can I learn how to do XYZ with AccessAlly?

You can find all of our documentation at the link below. Be sure to use the search feature to find what you are looking for more easily.

Where can I find my license key?

You can find those by logging into the vault and going here:

I need help troubleshooting

Here are some common issues that come up

I need to update my credit card information with AccessAlly

You can do that by logging into the vault here.

My client’s payments are not processing

Try reaching out to your host to make sure that they have cron enabled. This is a common cause of payments not processing on time.

My webhooks are not working

This can have a variety of causes from server firewalls to incorrect setup. We highly recommend not relying on webhooks if you’re able to.

My license was revoked or my serial key isn’t working

You can quickly create a new license by purchasing a new subscription. You will receive an email with a new license key. Don’t worry! You won’t lose any of your settings or content when you re-activate AccessAlly.