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GrooveAlly for Infusionsoft

GrooveAlly for Infusionsoft creates a valuable integration that will allow Infusionsoft information to appear inside a Groove contact’s profile.

GrooveAlly for Infusionsoft

This free WordPress plugin is available through the WordPress plugin repository.

Custom Data For Your Customer Service Needs

GrooveAlly is a WordPress Plugin that creates a valuable integration between Groove and Infusionsoft.

Once it's set up, GrooveAlly will allow you to see exactly which Infusionsoft tags your customers have the minute you open up their emails in Groove. It also creates a custom link to that client's Infusionsoft profile,

Groove Infusionsoft Integration

GrooveAlly can help maximize the efficiency of your customer service team by eliminating the tedious search time associated with product-related questions. Simply click on the link in the Groove profile to be taken straight to that client's profile in Infusionsoft.

This Groove-Infusionsoft integration can maximize the efficiency of your customer service by eliminating much of the search time associated with product-related questions.

With the integration, answering questions is so much simpler … and you’ll have a much easier time connecting clients with other services that might be a good fit.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I download this plugin?
GrooveAlly is available to download for free from the WordPress plugin repository here.

How much does it cost?
GrooveAlly is available free of charge.

Do you offer tech support for this plugin?
No. Because it's a free plugin, we do not offer tech support for GrooveAlly. However, if you need help setting it up, please visit the GrooveAlly tutorial page here:

How GrooveAlly Reduced Our Customer Service Response Time

When our team at AccessAlly first started using Groove, we were impressed with how well the software fit our customer service needs...but it was a little tedious to be continually logging into Infusionsoft to search for each user so that we could see what tags were currently associated with their account.

So Robin Li sat down and coded up the API integration we needed to eliminate the manual search-and-locate process, effectively decreasing our overall customer response time.

The results?

Happier customers and team members.

We hope you enjoy

- The AccessAlly Team

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