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Todd Herman, Bestselling Author of Alter Ego
Todd Herman

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Our LMS pricing reflects the level of support we provide to help you successfully migrate to AccessAlly and scale your courses and memberships, including:


You Could Easily Spend $450/month
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Shopping Cart $99/mo

Taking payments for one-time or recurring plans, and handling subscription management.

$99/mo Affiliate Platform $99/mo

Offering an affiliate center with links, referral commission tracking, and reporting.

$99/mo Membership Site Platform $99/mo

Protecting and delivering online content, in an automated and dripped fashion.

$99/mo Learning Management System $49/mo

Personalizing the learning experience with quizzes, progress tracking, and certificates.

$49/mo Zapier and other “Connector Plugins” $49/mo

Making sure that your email marketing automation platform has all of the latest student data.

$49/mo Metrics Tracking $49/mo

Pulling together all of the most important sales and conversion statistics to help you run your business.


With AccessAlly you get everything you need to run and scale your business, seamlessly.

All for just $129/month.

Replace Up to 6 Different Tools with one proven system, that pays for itself.


Frequently Asked Questions

What else do I need to use with AccessAlly?

AccessAlly is a WordPress plugin that integrates directly with your tag-based CRM. You’ll also need a hosting service like WPEngine, a WordPress theme, and a place to host videos like Vimeo, Amazon S3, or Wistia.

Can I use AccessAlly without one of your integrated CRMs?

No. Just like you can’t collect payments without a credit card processing tool, a CRM is required for AccessAlly’s functionality to work as advertised.

AccessAlly requires one of: ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, Drip, Keap, Infusionsoft, and Ontraport.

Do I need another shopping cart system to use AccessAlly? (SamCart, ThriveCart, WooCommerce?)

No. AccessAlly takes payments directly for you through Stripe or PayPal.

You’re welcome to use another system to process orders, as long as you can apply a tag in your CRM on a successful order so AccessAlly can generate a member login.

Using built-in AccessAlly payments allows customers to login instantly after they purchase, as well as update their card on file.

Is it available in other languages?

AccessAlly is available out of the box in English, French, and Spanish. If your business needs to communicate in another language, please contact us and we can discuss additional translations.

I have an existing membership site. How much work will it be to move my members over to an AccessAlly membership site?

AccessAlly comes with a Member Migration Wizard, which will import existing members from a current WordPress membership site, or from your CRM directly. With a few clicks of the mouse, your new users will be ready to go.

If you have recurring payments, the migration wizard will not be able to transfer them into AccessAlly. If you want more details, get in touch with us to see how we can help make the transition a success for you and your members.

3 Columns describing the different tools needed to make AccessAlly fully functional

Does AccessAlly work on WordPress.com?

AccessAlly was designed for self-hosted WordPress installations.

We do not recommend installing AccessAlly on a WordPress.com site, even if on a paid WordPress.com plan that allow plugins and themes to be installed, because AccessAlly and recommended themes won’t work as expected.

What kind of designs will AccessAlly let me create?

AccessAlly is not a WordPress theme. In other words: the plugin provides you with all of the LMS and membership functionality, and must be paired with a flexible WordPress theme to style your pages.

We recommend 3 themes and offer quick “getting started” templates and tutorials, but AccessAlly will work with any WordPress theme.

Do I need to hire a developer or can I set it up myself?

AccessAlly isn’t your typical LMS plugin and because it’s so powerful it has a learning curve.

If you’re willing to spend some time to learn how it works, you’ll be one of our many clients who have created and successfully manage their courses themselves.

If you want a fully customized design or very complex functionalities, then you’ll want to hire one of our talented AccessAlly™ Certified Partners. Hiring a developer for your site often means you’ll get their expertise beyond the tech stuff, like strategy and design too!

Can I use AccessAlly on multiple sites?

One license of AccessAlly is good for one membership site. Ideally, you’d have all of your courses in one members area, to enable cross selling of different products.

With AccessAlly In-House Training you get an additional training license. You can also purchase additional licenses with one click once you’re a client.

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