Thanks, here’s something to help you fly...

As the superhero behind the scenes building out automations, websites, making sure everything runs smoothly, do you ever feel a little like Professor X?

You know, being able to read their minds and tell your clients what they need, or what systems or solutions are best for their needs?

It’s your job is to keep all your clients’ systems in harmony, which in turn enhances the powers of those around you to flex their muscles doing what they do best.

To save you time, and to enhance your techy powers, I’ve compiled my most recommended tools and resources to save you time researching.

I know you’ll find them helpful.



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Systems & Tools

  • Use a tag-based CRM to make the most of your email marketing efforts and automation.
  • Meet Edgar makes it easy to schedule tweets and Facebook posts to your pages and groups with just a few clicks.
  • Asana will increase your productivity and help you collaborate with team members. Keep all tasks in your business organized so you can spend more time doing what you do best.
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