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Create a WordPress Membership Site Dashboard to Increase Sales and Retention

wordpress product dashboard example

custom wordpress dashboard

When you sell multiple online courses or membership options … how do you encourage clients to invest in more than one?

More importantly: how do you do this without coming across as overwhelming or pushy?

Membership Site Dashboard: A Close Relative to the E-Commerce Shop

The first cue for your “shop” or dashboard design comes from what has become the standard ecommerce shop layout: columns of products with “click to read more” functionality.

upsell and cross sell dashboard

This layout makes it easy for website visitors to scroll through and view your products, adding them to the shopping cart (or simply selecting a “buy now” option).

However, there's a subtle difference between selling digital or physical products versus online courses/memberships:

Generally speaking, a client will not place multiple orders for an online course, they way that they might buy multiple notebooks.

This gives you a unique advantage in terms of what you can do design-wise to make your membership site dashboard more effective in generating revenue from upsells and cross-sells.

The Benefit of a Single Dashboard vs. Multiple Individual Sales Pages

There's a reluctance with many online course builders when it comes to housing your membership, courses, and online challenges together in a single membership site (versus using multiple sales pages for current clients).

But the all-in-one website build can be an extremely powerful strategy towards online business growth: with a single membership site, you can identify how users interact with your material from login to logout.

It also lets you create a personalized experience for your users, guiding them through the material and identifying areas where they're struggling and may need the resources contained within a separate course.

The Cross-selling Dashboard: A Design Shift For Increasing Sales

A member dashboard uses three key components to increase sales with current membership site users:

  • Visually engaging course icons – essentially the “product thumbnail” you see in ecommerce sites
  • Intuitive software that displays the icons differently based on whether the user has already purchased it or not
  • The natural curiosity of your clients combined with and a psychological impulse to “collect it all”


how to build an interactive membership site dashboard

The interactive dashboard inside A League of Her Own.
Membership site built by Kimberly Gosney.

Added bonus: when the user can log in and see at a glance everything you have to offer, it immediately puts them into the “shopping” mode… a definite good thing for you!

1. Visually Engaging Course Icons

Online course (or membership site) product thumbnails look a little different than “regular” product thumbnails, since there's no quick photo to use.

This is where your graphic design skills – or a team member's – is going to make the world of difference.

A bullet point list of 10 course titles is not going to garner nearly the amount of excitement as the icons in this example of Lindsay Preston's course library:

how to build an interactive membership site dashboard

Lindsay Preston's membership site dashboard, built by Kimberly Gosney.

2. Intuitive software that provides a dynamic view based on the user's purchase history

So many client retention and marketing headaches can be eliminated when you're able to personalize your client's experience based on actions they've already taken.

This allows your membership site to dynamically show some course icons as “enabled”, and some as “disabled”… setting the stage for the next component:

3. Natural curiosity to “have it all”

Personal admission: when I get excited about something, I go into full-on “binge collector” mode.

Last week, I realized that I really liked painting with acrylics… so I spent the next few hours watching tutorials and spending over a hundred dollars buying the necessary supplies to get started (including a giant easel…).


Absolutely not.

But if you can capitalize on that feeling of excitement when your membership subscribers purchase their first course – the sales pitch becomes virtually unnecessary. All you have to do is showcase your offers, and the natural excitement (and curiosity) takes over.

What You'll Need To Create Your Upselling Membership Website WordPress Dashboard

The tool list you need is pretty short:

  • A WordPress website
  • The AccessAlly Pro membership site plugin
  • A tag-based CRM (see current list of integrations here)
Wondering how it all works? Check out this short video to see it all put together!

Tutorial: How To Build An Interactive Membership Site Dashboard (Using AccessAlly)

Step 1: Install the AccessAlly WordPress Plugin for Your Membership Website Software

Real talk: learning how to build a membership website the right way takes many hours of learning your software, WordPress theme layouts, and testing each component carefully before you make it “live” to your clients.

But, in a nutshell, you'll want to install AccessAlly on your WordPress site like any other plugin, then link it up so that it follows the automation rules you set upinside your CRM/marketing automation platform.

Step 2: Assign Icons To Your Online Courses

When you build your courses inside AccessAlly's Course Wizard, you can easily assign both the “enabled” and “disabled” version of your icon:

custom wordpress dashboard to upsell your products

Step 3: Add Your Course Icons to Your Membership Site Dashboard Page

custom wordpress dashboard to upsell your productsUse AccessAlly's shortcode adder in the toolbar of your page edit view to add each course icon individually to your page.

The shortcode simply adds the icon itself – any additional styling or formatting is totally up to you and your web designer!

Note that when you use the shortcode to add the course icons to a page, AccessAlly will automatically change the visible icon from enabled to disabled (or vice versa) depending on what permission tags your logged in users have.

…and that's it!

Your interactive dashboard is all set up, and ready to help you upsell and cross sell your courses.

A Candid Marketing Automation Tools Comparison Guide

Woman with arms crossed

Marketing Automation tools Review

Confession time: I deleted the original version of this post, because most automation marketing comparison posts are too neutral and just compare features.

Anyone can list features…

But it takes some balls to talk about the nuances that make it worth choosing a certain marketing automation tool over another.

So that’s what you’ll find in this very candid marketing automation platforms comparison. Because that’s the kind of marketing automation tools comparison I would be looking for to help me decide which option to choose.

(This post last updated October 2019!)

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Membership Site Examples: Inspiration For Your Members Area

Screenshot membership site examples

membership site examples

Your website is more than just a tool that gives your business a face online. It can be a business in itself.

Here's what I mean by that:

One of the best ways to increase your income (without working more hours for dollars) is to set up a membership site platform.

A membership site becomes the hub of your online training, allows your fans to connect more, and gives you a community of fans to ask for input, information, and questions.

When done well, it can provide an amazing source of recurring revenue for your online business.

As the creators of the popular AccessAlly membership site plugin for tag-based CRMs, we thought we'd share some ideas and membership site examples that rocked our socks.

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Launching An Online Course: 38 Things Nobody Talks About

Woman holding money. Launching an online course? Here's what you need to know!

Launching an online course? Here's what you need to know!

I've earned over a million dollars from creating and launching online courses.

To get to that point, I’ve done it all: launching an online course in the health and wellness space when I was brand new, selling evergreen products that are always for sale at low price points, and creating high end programs that cost thousands and are only available to purchase during a launch window.

One thing I’ve noticed is that there are certain things about launching an online course that nobody talks about.

From marketing and technology to “sweat equity,” I want to share what I’ve learned over the years so you can save yourself some of the frustration and emotional ups and downs that come with launching an online course.

Keep reading if you plan to launch a course or program soon – or if you’ve launched before and you want to see what other humans go through during a launch.

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If You’re Not Using 1-Click Upsells, You’re Leaving At Least 35% of Your Revenue On The Table

Woman with hands on keyboard

Using a 1-click upsell can double your revenue.
“You just bought an amazing new phone, do you want a protective case to go with it?”

You betcha!

The upsell is everywhere you go, from fast food drive-thrus to the shoe store. And no wonder, since post-purchase upsells have been shown to increase revenue by 35%… at least.

That’s an average.

To put that number into perspective, a business that's currently bringing in $85K/year by selling online courses could boost that number to $114K (or more).

Just by adding a one click upsell.

In this article, you'll learn why upsells work, the best time and place to offer a 1-click upsell, and some one click upsell WordPress plugin suggestions.

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Want To Grow a Membership Based Business? 6 Top Membership Site Owners Share Their Hard Won Lessons

Image what I wish I knew before I launched my membership site

grow a membership based business

Looking to grow a membership based business? Great!

It helps to learn from those who have walked the path, and avoid some of the common pitfalls that all membership site owners face.

We rounded up 6 of the most successful online entrepreneurs who use membership sites to scale their businesses, and asked them to tell us what they WISHED they knew before they launched their membership sites.

So you don't have to make the same mistakes, or re-invent the wheel!

So take the time to read through this collection of tips from the some of the most successful subscription businesses on some of the lessons they wish they'd known before launching a membership site. Continue Reading

100 Timeless Business Books That Every Entrepreneur Should Read

Photo books every enterpreneur should read

Timeless Business Books

I admit it, I'm a total business book nerd and I've read hundreds of books in my entrepreneurial career… But I thought it would be fun to compile a list of timeless business books that I would recommend to new entrepreneurs as well as employees and seasoned business owners alike.

There will be a mix of classics and new-to-you books that are sure to add depth and joy to your life. One thing to keep in mind is that I've personally read all of these books, and I'm not just pulling a list of books from a best sellers' list.

Each one of the ideas in these books has the potential to change your life and your business for the better.

Before we get started, please note that these links are Amazon affiliate links so if you end up purchasing a book we'll earn a commission.

You could also get these books from your local library for free, cause you know, librarians are sexy! Let's go! Continue Reading

The Login Optin™ Strategy: Build Your Email List With a Free Course (or Many)

woman holding lightbulb

original list building ideas login optin

There's a reason people pay for courses: we value organized, simplified, and easy to absorb information.

And that's why we see that free online courses are so appealing. Because they offer so much more than just another blog post or download.

And because we place such a high value on courses, they're a veritable gold mine for the savvy entrepreneur in search of original list building ideas.

With a world full of email list building strategies, chances are that your ideal subscribers have “seen it all.” And they're ready for something that can actually change their world… Continue Reading

Income Claim Marketing Is a Recipe For Burnout (and What You Should Do Instead)

Nathalie Lussier at podium

Income claim marketing trend

You’ve seen it, and maybe even done it yourself:

“I made 5 figures last month, and I can show you how.”

“I run a 6 figure business, so you should take my course.”

“We have a 7 figure company, and we’ve doubled our business year to year, sign up for my programs.”

…What do you feel when you’re exposed to these marketing messages?

If you’re anything like me at various points along my journey: probably a mix of jealousy, anxiety that you’re not there yet, and scratching your head asking yourself if there’s something wrong with you or your business.

I get it.

Income claim marketing is prevalent in the digital marketing space, and there’s a reason for it.

In case you’re not familiar with it, income claim marketing is when a business or coach shares how much money they’ve made… in an effort to prove how successful their business has been. Usually, this display of wealth is also used in order to sell something that promises to replicate these results for students. Continue Reading

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