Have a Course Membership Site You Can Be Proud Of

Maybe you’ve scoured the web looking at all of the membership platforms, LMS tools, and course solutions out there…

But each one has limitations, and you really just want to focus on creating your content and getting students in the door.


Unfortunately, every course creator or membership site owner goes through a “site migration” at one point or another.

It’s usually painful.

Not all members get moved over properly.

There’s lost revenue. Upset customers. Yet another password for members to keep track of.

So why do these business owners put themselves through this painful membership platform migration process?

For one reason: the solution they started off with didn’t live up to its promises.

That, and the knowledge that with the right set up there’s a potential to make a lot more revenue without all the administrative and tech headaches.

If you’re facing a similar dilemma, because you’ve been sold on a couple of fancy feature lists that didn’t deliver… Then keep reading.

You might think that all course and membership options on the market are comparable except for an extra feature or two.

That’s what you’ve been lead to believe, but it’s not true. Don’t take our word for it, here’s how an AccessAlly client explained it:

membership website software

I literally purchased and asked for refunds to 4 other membership/course options because I couldn't get them to do what I wanted.

I knew that AccessAlly would be amazing but I did not realize how amazing. It's hard to explain but it's all in the details.

For example it serves as both a membership site and a course plugin. When I tried to use a membership plugin, I had to figure out how to integrate with the course plugin.

- Ana-Maria Janes

membership websites that make money

Let AccessAlly handle all of the technical details, while you focus on creating the best courses you can and getting more eager students in the door.

AccessAlly’s focus on creating top notch user experiences makes it easier for you to create amazing courses that deliver on your promises, and that students rave about!

You don’t need to hire a full-time team of developers to make your vision happen the way you want.

Because successful business owners don’t reinvent the wheel.

Instead of hiring someone to custom-code a brand new platform for your course or membership site, leverage a proven system that’s flexible enough to meet your high standards as a course creator.

From there, training your team to use AccessAlly is as easy as having them login to the training area to watch the overview video and reading our in-depth knowledge base articles.

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Meet Shannon, an intrepid employee who wanted to escape the cubicle... Although she loved her job, she knew that building an education business online was for her.

She started off by creating a free challenge, built up an audience, and then started offering paid online courses.

Her side hustle earned her a five figure income, which continued to grow until she was able to hand in her “letter of resignation” and go full time in her business.

How did she do it?

She started by following the advice and strategies you’re reading about here, and she used the AccessAlly membership and course platform to set up her offerings.

Now she’s happily self-employed, and spreading the love for AccessAlly.

successful membership sites

When I moved from a cheaper online course plugin to AccessAlly, my registrations and sales took off!

As a web designer, I've created more online course websites for clients than I can count. I mean, there isn't a course or membership plugin or platform out there that I haven't used.

When I discovered AccessAlly, I couldn't believe how easy it was to set up considering how powerful it is. You do not need to be techie or hire a web developer to set it up and use it!

My community loves AccessAlly because it helps them track their progress and keeps them engaged - and I love it because it sells my other courses and the subscription to my membership site for me - no other platform out there helps you market your courses the way AccessAlly does.

AccessAlly is hands-down the best platform.

- Shannon Mattern

You found it!
AccessAlly is your “forever solution”

No more tech headaches, switching platforms, and bumping up against tech hurdles
that stop you from doing what you want to do in your courses and membership site.

membership sites that make money

AccessAlly is indispensable.

It's a total game changer for user experience, backend management for us, and even sales.

Now with their built in order forms and superior way of handling subscriptions, it is very robust. We actually left our last CRM and have literally cut our monthly cost in more than half while having a serious increase in productivity.

- Evan Gregor

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The old way...

Of Selling Courses Online Left You With…

  • A slew of different WordPress plugins, none of which really integrate with each other or your marketing automation platform the way you need them to.
  • Custom coded APIs that are expensive to maintain (and that could blow up in your face at any time!)
  • Or the “keep it simple” option where a 3rd party hosts your courses, and you lose the flexibility your business requires
Old rusty truck representing the old way of membership sites
Laptop with screenshot of AccessAlly's quick start guide

The new way...

To Sell, Teach, and Engage with AccessAlly Offers…

  • The sophistication and flexibility you’re looking for, so you can create the membership and course website of your dreams without the costly custom coding or duct tape
  • An all-in-one solution for recurring memberships, one-time payments, free classes, a built-in learning management system (LMS), member directories, gamification, and so much more
  • Deep 2-way street integration with your marketing automation platform, to help you design the best customer experiences that lead to repeat sales and powerful free word of mouth marketing
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