How to Create a Limited-Time Coupon for Your Membership Site

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Why Create a Limited-Time Coupon for Your Membership Site?

Limited-Time Coupons for your Membership site are perfect when you need just a little boost in incentive to get people to sign up.

With a specified start and end date, these coupons can be used during a launch window. Or, you might choose to use them during an “abandoned cart” email followup.

By setting up the discounted price as a coupon (instead of a separate order form), you can easily offer unique promotions to your prospective clients – all on the same order form.

What You’ll Need To Create a Limited-Time Coupon for Your Membership Site

The tool list you need is pretty short:

How Do Limited-Time Coupons Work?

Limited time coupons are either set to mark a certain percentage off the order or a discounted dollar amount.

Either method of discounting the price will work. The important thing to remember is that there’s a specific start and end date associated with the coupon code, so it will not work outside of that timeframe.

How To Implement Limited-Time Coupons Inside Your Membership Site

In this example, I’ll show you how to use AccessAlly to create a limited time coupon code for your membership site.

Step 1: Install the AccessAlly plugin on your WordPress Site & Set Up Integrations

AccessAlly can be installed on your WordPress site like any other plugin. Then, integrate it with your tag-based CRM of choice.

Step 2: Create your paid offers/order forms

Next, you’ll create and set up the product order forms as you normally would inside AccessAlly > Products.

Step 3: Create your limited time coupon

Go to AccessAlly > Products > Promos

Here, you can create a new coupon by clicking “Add New Promotion.”

How to Create a Limited-Time Coupon for Your Membership Site

Step 4: Fill out coupon parameters (especially the date!)

Once the new coupon has been created, you’re ready to determine the parameters. Make sure to fill out all pertinent details, like if you want this coupon to be able to be applied to any product/order form, or if you only want it to apply to a single product.

The important thing, though, is to make sure that you have the “start” and “end” dates listed on the coupon.

How to Create a Limited-Time Coupon for Your Membership Site

Step 5: Save the Coupon, and Share the Code!

Once the settings are properly filled out, hit “Save” … and your coupon is ready to go! You can now share the code with your loyal fans, and it can be applied to your order forms at any time within the specified window.

It’s such an easy, effective way to provide additional incentives when launching (or promoting) your products!

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