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Find out what new features the AccessAlly team has been working on, and any updates to existing functionality in our LMS release notes.

AccessAlly 3.6.0 Release Notes

It’s time for a new paradigm that doesn’t separate courses, memberships, bulk licensing programs, and even affiliate centers from each other… That’s why we built in a whole new way of creating the type of content that makes you money…

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AccessAlly 3.6 Sneak peek + German language

Sneak Peak Watch our teaser video and see what’s coming soon in the next big release of AccessAlly: We’ve taken all of the feedback we’ve been receiving over the past year and refreshed not only the look-and-feel of AccessAlly, but…

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AccessAlly 3.5.6 Release Notes

Released February 2021 Improvements Were your customers experiencing an issue when trying to buy through PayPal on the mobile Facebook browser? AccessAlly now shows a message showing people how to continue their order with PayPal by opening a new Browser…

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AccessAlly 2020 Releases

Table of ContentsAccessAlly 3.3.2 Release Notes: 01/20/2020 Bug FixesAccessAlly 3.4.0 Release Notes: 03/18/2020 New FeaturesImprovementsBugfixesProgressAlly 2.0.1 Release Notes: 04/01/2020 BugfixesAccessAlly 3.5.0 Release Notes: 07/08/2020 Built-in AccessAlly transactional emails are here!ImprovementsBugfixesAccessAlly 3.5.1 Release Notes: 07/29/2020 ImprovementsBug FixesAccessAlly 3.5.2 Release Notes: 08/03/2020…

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AccessAlly 2019 Releases

Table of ContentsAccessAlly 3.0.0 Release Notes: 03/06/2019New featuresImprovementsBug FixesAccessAlly 3.0.1 Release Notes: 03/27/2017 ImprovementsBug FixesAccessAlly 3.1.0 Release Notes: 06/09/2019New FeaturesImprovementsBug FixesAccessAlly 3.1.1 Release Notes: 06/19/2019Bug FixesAccessAlly 3.2.0 Release Notes: 09/10/2019New FeaturesImprovementsBug FixesAccessAlly 3.2.2 Release Notes: 09/17/2019ImprovementsBug FixesAccessAlly 3.3.0 Release Notes:…

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AccessAlly 2018 Releases

AccessAlly 2.2.5 Release Notes: 02/18/2018 Released February 1, 2018

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AccessAlly 2017 Releases

Table of ContentsAccessAlly Pro 1.3.2 Release Notes: 01/31/2017New FeatureImprovementsAccessAlly 2.1.5 Release Notes: 02/02/2017ImprovementsAccessAlly 2.1.6 Release Notes: 02/13/2017 AccessAlly Pro 1.3.2 Release Notes: 01/31/2017 Formerly ProgressAlly. Released in January 2017. New Feature Homework Review A new note type & objective type…

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AccessAlly 2016 Releases

Table of ContentsAccessAlly 2.0.8 Release Notes: 05/01/2016New FeaturesImprovementsBug FixesAccessAlly 2.0.9 Release Notes: 06/01/2016New FeaturesImprovementsAccessAlly 2.0.10 Release Notes: 06/20/2016ImprovementsAccessAlly 2.1.0 Release Notes: 07/29/2016New FeaturesImprovementsAccessAlly Pro 1.2.7 Release Notes: 07/29/2016 AccessAlly 2.0.8 Release Notes: 05/01/2016 New Features “aal_batchsync” operation Designed to handle…

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