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Find out what new features the AccessAlly team has been working on, and any updates to existing functionality in our LMS release notes.

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  • AccessAlly 4.0

    October 26, 2022 New Features New and better ways to view and manage your members! AccessAlly’s Member’s Tab (originally the Permission’s Tab) packs a punch when it comes to managing…

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  • AccessAlly 3.9.2

    We’ve got new updates on some long-awaited features for AccessAlly, ProgressAlly, and CommunityAlly.  New Features Now add photos and upload files to CommunityAlly! After popular feedback, you can now upload…

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  • AccessAlly 3.9.1

    We’ve got a quick follow-up release that includes updates in AccessAlly, ProgressAlly, and CommunityAlly.  New Improvements in AccessAlly 3.9.1 For our Emiratis members, we have now added the AED currency.Now…

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  • AccessAlly 3.9 and CommunityAlly 1.0 Release Notes

    New Features in AccessAlly 3.9.0 Integrating with CommunityAlly 1.0! CommunityAlly is a new AccessAlly add-on, that has everything you need to connect your members to each other. You can create…

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  • AccessAlly 3.8.0 Release Notes

    Check out what's new in February 2022, watch this video highlight: New Features: New and better ways to view your metrics! In AccessAlly, you can now create and customize your…

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  • AccessAlly 3.7.6 Release Notes

    I’m back with another AccessAlly update, and it was meant to be a small release but it packs a punch. The biggest change is a new Stripe Standard Connect integration,…

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  • AccessAlly 3.7.5 Release Notes

    Singer Adele just dropped a new single. It’s everything we know and love - but more refined. I know AccessAlly doesn’t have the same stage presence as Adele… ;) But…

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  • AccessAlly 3.7.1 Release Notes

    Released July 2021 New Features and Improvements Added a new Quaderno tax inclusive option! This way, everyone sees the same price, even if you are going to be remitting taxes…

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  • AccessAlly 3.7 Release Notes

    Released July 2021 New Features & Improvements: New! Quaderno integration for tax. This is a biggie if you’re in the EU, with the new VAT changes coming into play. But…

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  • AccessAlly 3.6.0 Release Notes

    It’s time for a new paradigm that doesn’t separate courses, memberships, bulk licensing programs, and even affiliate centers from each other… That’s why we built in a whole new way…

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