Brand assets

We put together this collection of brand assets to make it easier for you to review, link to, and share the AccessAlly™ brand. When using the assets you see on this page, we ask that you keep just a few things in mind…

Please do not:

    • Modify our logos, icons, or graphics in any way without our written permission.
    • Use our logos or icons as your own identity, or for your own branding purposes (print or web-based).
    • Use our logos or icons in a way that may confuse someone that your product or service is made, run, or endorsed by AccessAlly.

AccessAlly™ Logo

You’ll find large PNG versions linked below.

AccessAlly Logo-small teal shapeAccessAlly LogoAccessAlly Logo

AccessAlly colors

Rich black
Dark blue
Tea green
Light Blue
Stratus Grey
#050B19 - #001138
Header background
#F85091 - #B64BF8
accent background
#00A5B3 - #D8FF81
Accent background

Pronouncing and Spelling AccessAlly and PopupAlly

Pronunciation: Ally = “al-LIE”

Many people pronounce our names as “alley” like going to the bowling alley… but we like to say it as “al-LIE”, as in allies joining forces.

Spelling: All in one word with a capital letter at the beginning of each word:

Correct: AccessAlly
Not accessally, not access ally, not Accessally, not Access Alley

Correct: PopupAlly Pro
Not popupally, not PopUpAlly, not Popup alley