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Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering if you should book a Discovery Call?

  • I'm working on an AccessAlly site and have questions, should I book a Discovery Call?

    You’ll want to join a free Tune Up call or contact us for support.

  • Do I need a supported CRM to use AccessAlly?

    Yes, you do. There is no way to install the AccessAlly plugin without connecting your site to a supported CRM system… not even with Zapier.

    See our built-in CRM integrations here:

  • I would prefer not to use a supported CRM can I still use AccessAlly?

    You’ll need to wait for AccessAlly 4.0 later this year as it does not require a supported CRM system. We do not have a discovery call tour of this version yet as it has not been released.

  • Is WordPress required?

    Yes, it is. AccessAlly is a WordPress plugin. You’ll need to use and be familiar with to use AccessAlly.