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wordpress course plugin

Sell one-time or subscription products directly on your website. With AccessAlly's built-in order forms you can accept multiple currencies, offer payment plans, and add order bumps.

AccessAlly's simple, 3-step checkout process lets you capture your visitors' emails and follow up if they don't complete their purchase - increasing sales through automation.

Show all of your courses and programs in a member dashboard with customizable icons and links to instant upsells and sales pages of your choice.

Offer a free or paid trial period followed by subscription payments (yearly or monthly) and watch your membership grow. Increase revenue with elegant 1-Click Upsells.

Offer unique coupons & discounts as unique time sensitive incentives for your customers. Email special offers to those who abandoned their cart and win them back.

Beautiful out of the box and easy to style to fit your brand, these order boxes also allow you to add testimonials and guarantees to increase conversions.

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Create unlimited courses and membership levels all in one login area (this leads to more cross selling and upsells, politely) using tags to keep it all manageable.

Display beautiful checklists and progress bars and pie charts to help students track their progress and keep going throughout your site!

Give your students the ability to review longer videos with video bookmarks and track how much of a video they watch. Works with Vimeo, Wistia, and YouTube videos.

Offer license packages and let a team leader assign sub-accounts, monitor student progress, see quiz scores, and kick-start automations.

Private notes give students the ability to ask/answer questions, upload files, and submit homework for review, with email notifications for teachers to reply directly within the membership site.

Simple pass/fail quiz that can be retaken and can unlock next modules. Personality test and scoring test allow you to tag based on the outcome of the quiz, so you can follow-up and offer different courses too.

Upload a Certificate of Completion template (or start with one of ours) and members can download their certificates - tailored with their name, date of completion, and anything else you want to include.

Securely host all kinds of content like PDFs, mp3s, and videos, or protect Amazon S3 hosted files via tags. Uploading and managing files is easy with our deep Amazon S3 integration, there's no copy and pasting required.

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Create multiple user directories to allow members of your website to find and connect with each other, update their profiles and upload a photo, and foster a real community inside your membership.

Create an all-inclusive membership site credit system so that users can earn and spend in-site currency. Offer points as a reward for achieving goals, and let user redeem points for access to bonus content.

Specify the social sharing links and images your members can use to celebrate their success and course completion - and give them points for helping you spread the word, too.

Every action inside your membership site can trigger a tag-automated sequence: from site login, visiting certain pages, watching videos, completing quizzes, and sharing on social media.

See exactly where your members spend their time on your site, and where they get stuck along your courses - so you can improve the learning experience and reduce refunds and cancellations.

Everything inside your AccessAlly membership site is specific to the member... including the ability to split test with tags and show countdown timers for special offers and unique events.

wordpress course plugin

Coming from another member solution? No problem, with the migration wizard you can import existing members and create their accounts easily with minor site interruption.

Setting up AccessAlly on your WordPress site takes less than 10 minutes: you'll integrate with your CRM, have the core pages autogenerated for you, and choose your colors... and you're off to the races!

The course wizard does all of the heavy lifting for your course structure, from creating tags in your CRM automatically, to generating all the WordPress pages and applying permissions, and designing your menu too.

Not a coder? With AccessAlly, all of the functionality you want to add to your membership site is just 2 clicks away with the Shortcode adder. Don't memorize shortcodes, we do it for you.

New to your CRM or not sure how to design campaigns to make the most of your membership site? AccessAlly comes with built-in step by step screenshots to help you set up campaigns and dripped courses in your CRM.

Works with any WordPress theme, and is fully customizable in terms of look and feel. You'll love our bonus theme templates for Divi and Headway/Blox, too.

Now you can manage user permissions and merge duplicate users easily without ever having to leave your website.

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AccessAlly is a WordPress course plugin built to sell, teach, and engage... Easily.

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