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If you're looking to use WordPress for online courses, you're about to see what kinds of learning experiences you can create with an LMS plugin designed for industry leaders.

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If You’ve Tried Other WordPress Course Plugins Before, You Might Have Felt

  • Overwhelmed by the number of add-ons required to do even the simplest things, like managing subscriptions, running an affiliate program, or doing gamification
  • Underwhelmed by the design options and how bare-bones the look and feel is for many WordPress LMS plugins
  • Stuck with a WordPress Learning Management System that was designed for a certain industry, and that doesn’t work for what you want to create for your students
You shouldn’t have to deal with
software that hinders your business growth.

We understand the complexity of picking the right online course platform, and the possibility of getting stuck with a system that doesn't do exactly what you need it to…

That’s why we created AccessAlly.

How Does This WordPress LMS Plugin Work?

First and foremost, this isn’t just an LMS plugin - it also handles payments, membership management, and integration with your email marketing CRM.

That means you don’t need to cobble together a bunch of different tools or custom code to have a first-class WordPress learning management system.

Each member or student has their own login on your membership site, and from there you can design courses that include everything from quizzes, video and audio, downloads, and so much more.

The AccessAlly Offerings Wizard walks you through setting up the different modules and lessons and automatically creates tags for you inside your CRM.

This allows you to have dripped courses, live cohorts, or a combination of content that’s released on your ideal schedule.

Best of all? This WordPress course plugin integrates with any theme and comes with design customization built-in so all of your courses can match your brand.

"When I had to re build one of my own sites with an LMS solution I went with AccessAlly and have been blown away by their system. So much better than every other LMS solution I've worked with or tested out.

AccessAlly's support and quick response to get answers to my questions has been great! I've been setting up some pretty advanced stuff and they've been able to do what I want to do every time."

– Mike Deiure, rockguitarpower.com

Mike D.

6 Ways The AccessAlly LMS Plugin Improves Online Learning

Drag-and-Drop Course Builder

Design courses your way with any combination of modules, lessons, and downloads. With AccessAlly, everything is a WordPress page and you can re-order your content for easy organization.

Progress Tracking

Set any number of module or lesson objectives that students can check off themselves or that will automatically get checked off as they complete videos, quizzes, and homework. Display progress bars throughout the course.

Video & Audio Bookmarks

Online courses are multi-media, and with AccessAlly you can track when someone watches or listens to a video or audio. With bookmarks, students can also skip to the right point in a long video.

3 Types of Quizzes

You don't have to rely on just one quiz type to help your students learn better. Use personal tests to guide students to the right next course or module, and scoring tests to see when someone is ready to move onto more advanced topics.

Homework Submissions & Private Notes

Accept homework submissions, carry on private conversations, and leave customized messages for students with Private Notes. Students can also keep their own notes for future reference.

Autogenerated Certificates

Design a "blank" PDF certificate and when someone completes a course, they'll be able to download a version with their name and the date they graduated. Drag and drop where you want things to appear!

The only WordPress plugin for online courses that helps you sell more, teach better, and engage longer

Design The Student Experience You've Always Dreamed Of

Everything you need to run online courses on WordPress is included in AccessAlly... no additional payment or membership plugins required, just connect your email marketing platform you're all set!

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The Beauty of Using WordPress Pages to Structure Your Online Courses

Most WordPress LMS plugins use a Custom Post Type that locks you into their system, so your courses disappear when you cancel your subscription.

With AccessAlly, all of your course pages from modules to lessons are created a WordPress pages that are protected by tags.

This gives you full control over your content, allows for full design flexibility, and also means you can have more granular control over which students have access to each courses or pages.

The Course Wizard makes it easy to set up any number of courses, and integrate it with your email marketing platform from the get-go. We never charge more for additional courses or members, so this is an LMS solution that will scale with you easily.

AccessAlly Course Builder

LMS Progress Tracking Designed to Help Students Stay Focused & Motivated

Animated gif with a checklist getting marked off

You’ve probably signed up for your fair share of online courses that you were excited about but didn’t get very far into.

When a course has a clearly laid out path, students know where they’re going and how far they’ve come. That has a motivating effect and it can mean the difference between someone asking for a refund or becoming a star student.

The way progress tracking works in AccessAlly's WordPress LMS is simple: each module, lesson, or page can have any number of Objectives set for it.

These objectives can be checked off manually or automatically, depending on what they’re tracking. For example, you can automatically check off an objective when someone passes a quiz, watches a video, or submits their homework assignment.

This progress information is useful for you as the site administrator, and can also be shared with other teachers if you include it in a member directory. You can also display a progress bar, pie chart, of just a completion percentage.

3 Types of Quizzes To Improve Retention

Quizzes are so versatile and can provide multi-faceted value to your students, depending on how they're set up and what happens when the student hits "submit". With AccessAlly you can build three different types of quizzes:

  • The Personality Quiz - an open-ended quiz type that connects each user with the end result that most fits their personality/knowledge level. Think of it as a "Buzzfeed-style quiz" where you can guide people to the right next course or module based on their results.
  • The Graded Quiz - this is the standard multiple choice school quiz, where each question has a correct answer. This is a great quiz when you need to assess skills learned throughout the course or lesson. As a bonus, you get to decide what a passing grade consists of, like 70% or 90%.
  • The Scoring Test - sometimes a pass or fail grade isn't necessary, but you still want to have a standard metric for determining eligibility or a range of abilities like an IQ test. In this case, you'd use a scoring test and assign various "weights" to each response, so some responses hold a higher value over others. It's a great option for student self-assessments.
Screenshot of a quiz and assessment

Video Bookmarks and Audio Player Tracking

Screenshot showing video bookmarks example

Some training videos are longer than others, which can make it hard to finish in one session. It’s even harder to remember exactly where you heard that one important point when you want to review later.

That's where video bookmarks come in handy.

As the course creator, you can break longer videos up into easily-digested chunks with bookmarks like a table of contents. With a single click on one of the bookmarks, the student is taken directly to that part of the video.

Since the bookmarks are tied to progress tracking checklists, you can use them to monitor whether a student has actually completed the course material or not.

This also works for audio recordings: you can play them in AccessAlly, see if a student listened all the way through, and use bookmarks to skip to specific section.

Works with: YouTube, Wistia, Vimeo Pro, and has built-in Amazon S3 video and audio hosting.

Homework Submissions with Multiple Teachers, and Private Notes

Online learning doesn’t happen in isolation, and as the teacher it would be great to see how students are doing with your material.

That’s exactly what the Private Notes functionality lets you do, by having students submit homework assignments for your review.

Students can upload files and ask questions, and they’ll receive an email notification when you answer. You’ll also receive an email notification when there’s a new homework submission or question, and you can click through to answer easily.

If you have multiple teachers, you can use a member directory to organize students by teaching group, so that other teachers can review and respond to questions.

No one else will see the private notes, and you can use these sections to create unique content for each student if you’re offering a more high end coaching program.

Private Notes can also be kept just for the students themselves to review later.

video screenshot with notes area

Live or Dripped Courses, or Progress-Based Unlocking

Ontraport campaign builder screenshot

AccessAlly sets the structure for your courses, but your email marketing automation platform or CRM is what controls the timing of your lessons.

Think about it: any time you release new material in a course or the next lesson becomes available, you’ll want to send an email to get people to complete it.

With your CRM and AccessAlly, all of that can happen automatically on a timer. Depending on your CRM’s capabilities, you can run live cohorts that start on a specific date, or evergreen courses that start whenever someone signs up.

You can also do progress-based unlocking, where the next module becomes available when someone passes a quiz or completes the current lessons.

There’s so much flexibility in this WordPress LMS that you can design the course release schedule that works best for your students.

Deliver Autogenerated Certificates of Completion with the same LMS plugin

Reward your students for a job well done with their very own customized certificate of completion.

Creating any number of custom certificates is easy with AccessAlly:

  1. Design your “blank” PDF, or use one of our starter templates
  2. Upload your design into AccessAlly
  3. Drag and drop the customization fields, like the student’s name, teacher’s name, and the date of completion
  4. Insert the download button on any page, and have it appear only when the course is complete

Once your students complete your course or pass the final quiz, they’ll be able to click to download their certificate and share it with their friends or print it off.

Hibiscus Moon example certificate

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