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Why a WordPress LMS Improves the Effectiveness of Your Online Courses

Learning Management Systems (LMS for short) have become one of those must-have catch phrases for modern course designers... but simply installing a WordPress LMS plugin on your site is NOT going to solve all your online course and student retention difficulties.

Without a solid strategy behind it, an LMS plugin is simply a collection of fancy features that add cool functionality to your online courses and members-only area.

As you evaluate the features and functionalities of AccessAlly Pro (or whatever other LMS systems you're looking into), take the time to really decide whether feature X or feature Y is going to add to the fundamental value of your online courses.

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Online Courses

Create the online courses you've envisioned with the flexible, drag-and-drop builder.

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Video Bookmarks

Make it easier for students to review video lesson materials by adding one-click bookmarks.

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Reward a job well done with custom certificates.

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Progress Tracking

Help your students stay focused & motivated with dynamic progress tracking.

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Homework & Private Notes

Accept homework submissions, carry on private conversations, and leave customized messages for students with Private Notes.

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A variety of quiz types to improve the learning experience.

Not sure which LMS features you need?

Read through the list below to learn more about how you can improve the experience of your students using our carefully curated selection of LMS features.

Online Courses: Flexible, Functional Course Structures

With AccessAlly Pro, you can create flexible, functional online course structures that fit whatever learning style and format you want to implement.

And don't worry: the Course Wizard walks you through all the steps you need to make sure the foundation of your course is set up, from the permission tags to modules and even individual page creation.

(Plus, you'll have access to the ecommerce features ... so you can even automate the selling process for your courses.)

... and unlike many other online course platforms out there, you aren't limited in the number of courses you can create. You pay one price for AccessAlly Pro, whether you're creating five courses or five hundred.

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Progress Tracking: Help Students Stay Focused & Motivated

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One of the best things about using a map app is that it tells you exactly how far away your destination is. On a roadtrip, this is invaluable information. It allows you to make important decisions like when to stop at a gas station, where you might want to stop for lunch, and even whether you should pull over at a rest stop and stretch your legs for a bit.

The same is true for adding progress tracking to your courses: it allows your students to stay oriented and pace themselves properly.

But it can do so much more than that: with progress tracking, you can also hide Easter eggs and other rewards inside your courses ... like sending out motivational messages when they complete difficult lessons, or maybe handing out rewards points when they complete a course.

The setup is simple: every time a student marks a checklist item complete, AccessAlly Pro takes note ... and you can decide whether you want to automate follow-up actions, like handing out a congratulations certificate upon a course completion or simply monitoring the progress of your students.

Deliver Custom, Professional Certificates to Your Students the Moment They Complete the Course

If you're offering a certification program, this feature is a no-brainer. After all, a certificate of achievement is one of deliverables you promised your students when they first signed up.

With AccessAlly Pro, you simply upload your preferred certificate design (in PDF format), and add the customization elements (name, date, etc.) using a simple drag-and-drop builder.

The moment your student completes the required course, AccessAlly will tailor the customization element to fit the individual student, and deliver it to them instantaneously for them to print or simply save for later.

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Video Bookmarks: Make Content More Accessible

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Have you ever had to watch an hour-long video (taking notes vigorously the whole time), only to spend another hour clicking through, trying to find that one quote for your homework or final paper?

That's where video bookmarks come in handy.

As the course creator, you can break longer videos up into easily-digested chunks with bookmarks (think of it like a table of contents). With a single click on one of the bookmarks, the student is taken directly to that part of the video.

And, since the bookmarks are tied to progress tracking checklists, you can use them to monitor whether a student has actually completed the course material or not.

Private Notes: Accept Homework Submissions & More

With AccessAlly Pro's private notes feature, your students can upload files, submit homework assignments, and ask questions about course material.

As the course creator (or class instructor), you'll then receive an email notification so you can reply directly inside your WordPress site.

These notes can also be kept just for the students themselves for review later.

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Quizzes: Enhance the Learning Experience

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Quizzes are so versatile and can provide multi-faceted value to your students, depending on how they're set up and what happens when the student hits "submit". With AccessAlly Pro, you can build three different types of quizzes:

  • The Personality Quiz - an open-ended quiz type that connects each user with the end result that most fits their personality/knowledge level. (AKA the "Buzzfeed-style quiz"). This is a great quiz to add to areas where you
  • The Graded Quiz - this is your standard "school days" quiz, where each question has a correct answer. This is a great quiz when you need to assess skills learned throughout the course or lesson. As a bonus, you get to decide what a passing grade consists of.
  • The Scoring Test - sometimes a pass/fail grade isn't necessary ... but you still want to have a standard metric for determining eligibility or a range of abilities (like an IQ test score, for example). In this case, you'd use a scoring test and assign various "weights" to each response, so some responses hold a higher value over others. It's a great option for student self-assessments.

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