Recurring Subscription Payments

Start taking recurring subscription payments through Stripe or PayPal, and let customers manage their payments securely right inside your members-only area. AccessAlly comes with everything you need to sell more, teach better, and engage longer.

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Taking one-time and recurring payments online shouldn't

  • Require a ton of different plugins and add-ons to handle the type of course and membership programs you want to run
  • Restrict you to just one or two ways of organizing payments, like most software-as-a-service course platforms do
  • Cost you every time you make a sale, with expensive fees taking a percentage of your sales
You shouldn’t have to deal with
software that hinders your business growth.

We understand the complexity of picking the right payment and online course platform, and the possibility of getting stuck with a system that doesn't do exactly what you need it to…

That’s why we created AccessAlly.

How does the WordPress subscription plugin work?

Once you install AccessAlly, you’ll integrate with your Stripe and PayPal accounts and you’ll be able to start collecting all kinds of payments right away.

There are no hidden fees or additional transaction fees on your revenue. You pay the Stripe and PayPal costs, and the rest is deposited in your account immediately.

If you’re using Stripe, you can take credit card payments and also have past clients purchase additional products and services with 1-click without entering their credit card details again. They can also update their card on file, right inside of the members only area.

With PayPal, you can also take recurring payments or run payment plans. There’s no 1-click sign up for PayPal, since they need to be logged into PayPal to confirm new charges. Customers can manage their subscriptions inside PayPal, and you’ll be notified with a tag inside your CRM if they cancel their payments so you can follow up or revoke access.

You don’t need any additional shopping cart or payment plugins to start taking payments and delivering your courses and memberships on WordPress.

"One of the things I like most about AccessAlly is they have thought about the entire lifecycle of supporting clients when you’re selling online courses or membership sites.

Most solutions are great about monthly billing, but when you realize you need multiple offers (2, 3 & 4 payment options), things get trickier. AccessAlly is great about supporting installment payments.

Among all the WordPress plugins out there, AccessAlly may be the only one that thinks about billing in a way that matches the industry as it works today."

–Chris Lema,

Chris Lema

6 Types of offers you can sell using AccessAlly's payment system

Free & Paid Trials

Pick the length of the trial, like 7 days or 30 days, and after it’s up your full recurring payment schedule starts. Charge $1 to get people to try your membership, use it as a deposit for large amount like $200, or make it free.

Ongoing Recurring Payments

The frequency of our payments is super flexible. Choose from monthly, every specific number of months, or yearly. Your recurring subscription plans can keep going until you or the member cancels.

One-Time Payments

Straightforward one time payments make it easy to sell one-off products or courses. You can also make it possible to swab between a “full pay” and a “payment plan” on the same order form.

Installment Payments

If you want to break a large payment down into smaller payments over a period of time, you can do that. Simply set the cost of each payment and the frequency, like monthly or every two weeks.

Pre-Selling with a Specific Start Date

When you want to pre-sell a course or membership that isn’t ready for prime time yet, you can get people in the door and only charge them on the start date. Or take a deposit and start the full payments in the future.

Always Charge on the Same Day of the Month

If you prefer to charge members on a specific day each month because of a live element of your membership site, you can do that. Simply pick the date that payments happen, and use the pre-sale functionality.

Earn more with flexible recurring subscription options on top of AccessAlly's Membership & LMS

Start taking payments and automatically log your new customers in

Everything you need to sell courses and memberships is included in AccessAlly... no additional payment, LMS, or membership plugins required, just connect your email marketing platform you're all set!

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Everything you need to start selling your courses and memberships, your way


Drag-and-drop unique order form designs

Create branded order forms that are beautiful out-of-the-box and showcase your products in the best light. Start with any of the pre-made templates, then use the drag-and-drop builder to customize the design.

You can collect any information you want, and store the data inside your CRM if you’d like. For example, you might collect someone’s shipping address, where they heard about you, and their t-shirt size to send them a bonus gift.

Your order forms can include conversion boosting testimonials, and match your brand colors. You can have any number of order forms, and change the wording on the different fields, too.

Animated screenshot of the drag and drop order form designer
Tablet with a screenshot of a gift certificate after purchase


Increase sales with promotion codes

With AccessAlly’s promotion codes you’ve got limitless options:

  • Offer coupons for a dollar amount or a percentage on specific or all products
  • Set a limit to how many times a coupon can be used overall
  • Limit coupons to a launch or promotion window, and make special offers happen even without a promo code for temporary sales
  • Create a unique one-time use coupon that’s tied to a specific person, which is great for deadline funnels or abandoned cart follow-up
  • Sell and generate gift certificates that people can send in an email and forward to a friend

The flexibility of these built-in coupons is unheard of!


Increase conversions with free or paid trials and product bundles

If you want to offer a free or a paid trial with a subscription that starts a few days down the line, it’s easy to do with AccessAlly. You decide on the timeframe, and everything happens under the hood automatically.

You can also combine any number of products and subscriptions into an offer. From there, you can have people toggle between offers right on an order form.

Once someone signs up for a trial or purchases a course or a membership, they’ll automatically be logged into the members area or taken to a login page if they’re a past member.


Screenshot of the subscription settings for trial offers
Desktop, tablet, and phone with the order form screen


Easy purchase on any device

All of the AccessAlly order forms come mobile optimized, so you can rest easy knowing your conversions won’t be affected on phones and tablets.

Whether you choose to use the existing templates or you customize your own, you’ll be able to take advantage of the mobile-first designs.

Plus, after someone purchases through your order forms they’ll automatically be logged into the members-only area so they can access what they just bought.

It’s a great user experience right from the start.



Earn more through order bumps, 1-click upsells, and payment plans

Increase the average revenue per transaction by adding an order bump that people can select right on an order form, to add an extra product or course to their order before they checkout.

Or, show a new customer an upsell or downsell on the thank you page that will automatically charge their credit card though Stripe with 1-click.

You can also do 1-click upsells inside the members only area on your membership dashboard page. It’s built right into AccessAlly and has been proven to increase cross-selling for our clients!

If you offer payment plans you can also have people toggle right on an order form.


Screenshot of Purchasing Bulk Courses
AccessAlly multiple currencies wordpress settings


Sell to customers all over the world

Tap into the global marketplace and offer your products and courses in the local currency, to increase conversions.

With AccessAlly’s built-in multiple currencies functionality, you can set the price for each currency and have people swap locations right on the order form.

Or take advantage of geolocation WordPress plugins and display the local currency based on where someone is visiting from.

You can also take advantage of AccessAlly’s built-in translations for your order forms. We currently support English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian.



Let members cancel, upgrade, and downgrade themselves

Save time administering customers’ accounts by letting them take care of their own subscriptions. Customers can manage their own access and payments using built-in cancel, upgrade, and downgrade paths.

That means they can cancel, downgrade, upgrade, and purchase more courses or memberships right inside your site with 1 click.

When switching from one subscription plan to another, AccessAlly can pro-rate the payment automatically. This means a better user experience for them, and less hassle for you.


Screenshot of the upgrade and downgrade page
InfusionSoft abandoned cart email sequence


Reduce shopping cart abandonment

Stats tell us that an average of 3 out of 4 people who shop on your site will never complete a purchase. Shopping cart abandonment happens when someone clicks the “buy now button” but don’t finish their transaction.

That’s why Early Contact Creation happens in the first step of an AccessAlly order form, so you can follow up with anyone who starts the checkout process but doesn’t finish.

This information is passed back to your email marketing provider so you can follow-up and win back the sale. It takes an average of 12 touch-points to make a sale, so don’t give up if someone has expressed interest in signing up for your course or membership.



Include fees, taxes, and shipping costs

Doing business online often means dealing with more complex taxes and fees. That’s where AccessAlly’s flexible fee structure comes in.

You can easily set up additional taxes per product or across all offers, and set different percentage fees by country, state, or province. The order forms will automatically apply the right taxes and fees based on the address and location of the customer.

This means you’ll be able to be VAT compliant, and keep the local taxation authorities happy at the same time.

You can also use these settings to charge shipping fees, or surcharges for say in-person services.


products screenshot
Screenshot of subscription management panel


Skip payments, pause, and cancel subscriptions

As the site owner you want to be able to administer accounts for your customers, when they call or email in.

That’s where AccessAlly’s payment management dashboard comes in. You can search for customers, see their past payments, and make updates.

For example, you can apply credits to someone’s account to skip a month or two when someone has extenuating circumstances or you want to reward them for referring other members.

You can also process full or partial refunds with 1-click, which will automatically refund in Stripe or PayPal. Plus you can pause or cancel subscriptions, and see how many more payments are left on a payment plan.



Recoup failed payments with CRM automation

Sometimes credit cards expire, or they are declined because they’re full right now. AccessAlly will automatically re-try a payment three times, and after that it’s time to automatically reach out to the client to ask them to update their credit card.

With AccessAlly's tagging automation, you can set up automated follow-up campaigns in your CRM to drive people back to the membership site and update their card and then process their payments with one click.

You can also set up a revoke access tag that gets applied after a certain period of delinquency, so members can login to update their credit card details but they won’t have access to your courses or content anymore.

With PayPal recurring subscriptions you’ll also be able to run an automated follow-up sequence, and members will need to restart their payments through their PayPal account.


Screenshot of the update credit card page for customers
accessally membership site metrics dashboard


Track your sales, revenue, retention, and more

What you measure improves, and with AccessAlly’s flexible metrics dashboard you’re in full control of what you want to track.

You can customize the dashboard with drag-and-drop charts and metric widgets, so your most important numbers are at the top.

Track the number of active subscriptions, income, refunds, churn, and project your next month or year’s revenue.

You can also see the conversion rate from free trial to paid members, and the number of people who abandoned your shopping cart. This level of visibility will help you make better business decisions!


Everything you need to sell more, teach better, and engage longer

Take advantage of the most flexible and powerful online course plugin on the market with built-in order forms, and get started with AccessAlly today.